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Tank Comparison Table
TypeArmsArmour (max)TonsSpeedCrew
British Marks I-IV male2x6-pounders, 4 MG12mm283.78
British Marks I-III female5 MG12mm273.78
British Mark IV female6 MG12mm273.78
British Mark V male2x6-pounders, 4 MG14mm294.68
British Mark V female6 MG14mm284.68
British Mark A (Whippet)3 MG14mm148.33
British Mark B4 MG14mm187.94
French Schneider1x75mm, 2 MG11.4-17.0mm14.556
French St. Chamond1x75mm, 4 MG11mm2559
French Renault FT171 MG (later 37mm)16mm6.55-62
German A7V1x57mm, 6 MG30mm32816

The house sized German A7V with part of its crew of 16.
A pair of A7Vs on the move.
The Hornsby was the first tracked vehicle to be used by the British army. It is shown here with an artillery piece in tow.
French Schneider.
Canadians get a lift on a British Mark IV. They wont get where they're going fast - this tank's top speed was 4 mph.
A Mark IV destroyed at Ypres.