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Standard Artillery
TypeShell Wgt (lbs)Range (yds)
Austrian10.4cm M1438.513,670
Austrian 15cm howitzer M14288,850
French model 1897 75mm16 (shrap), 11.75 (HE)9,000
French Schneider 105mm howitzer356,000
French model 1897 105mm3513,400
French model 1898 155mm howitzer887,650
French Schneider 155mm howitzer9510,500-13,300
German 7.7cm155,800-11,700
German 10.5cm field howitzer 98/09347,600
German model 1916 10.5cm howitzer349,200-10,900
German 10cm 04/1439.512,085
German 15cm howitzer957,000-9,400
British Mk I 18-pdr187,000
British 4.5in howitzer357,000
British 13-pdr12.55,900
British 60-pdr6010,300
British 12-1/2-pdr mountain12.55,800
British 20-pdr mountain howitzer205,800
British 6in howitzer10010,000-11,600
Russian model 1909 light field howitzer528,100

This howitzer was produced by the Skoda arms works in Austria. These siege guns were used by the Germans to soften the forts at Liege, Namur, and Maubeuge. The shells they fired weighed 1,786 pounds and they could fire one every 6 minutes.
French 75mm. Rapid firing and accurate. It was a common artillery piece among the allies. Note the spent casing in the air.
British 18-pounder being aimed by its crew.
British 60-pounder in Salonika.
German 42cm "Big Bertha", named for Bertha Krupp.
German 17cm railway gun. The recoil was allowed to push the car down the tracks in order to be dispersed.
French troops loading a 40cm shell into a railway gun.
British officer with an unexploded German shell. This type of shell would have been fired by the large railway guns.
Diagram of an British field howitzer.

Heavy Artillery
TypeShell Wgt (lbs)Range (yds)
Austrian 30.5cm howitzer84613,100
Austrian 38cm howitzer (1916)1,32016,700
French 155mm GPF9719,650
French model 1885 270mm mortar204-3848,800
French 370mm mortar1,0768,800
French model 1917 220mm Schneider20024,500
French 370mm howitzer900-1,1208,900-11,500
German 21cm Morser18410,280-11,150
German 42cm heavy howitzer2,05215,500
German 42cm light howitzer900-1,75010,300-13,600
German 15cm L/40approx 10014,000-19,000
German model 1916 15cm2823,500
German 17cm14030,000
German 21cm long morser26111,200
German 28cm howitzer75011,200
British 6in10017,700
British 9.2in howitzer 29010,000-12,7000