War Atlas

Great Britain/U.K.

Left: 1914 private, Royal Hampshires, Right: trooper, King's African Rifles (KAR)


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Head of State
George V, King1910-36
Prime Minister
Herbert Henry Asquith1908-16
David Lloyd George1916-22
Foreign Minister
Sir Edward Grey1905-16
Arthur Balfour1916-22
Minister of War
Herbert Henry Asquith1914
Earl Kitchener of Khartoum1914-16
David Lloyd George1916-18
Viscount Milner1918-19


Field Marshal Sir John French1914-15
Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig1915-18
First Army
Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig1914-15
General Sir Henry Rawlinson1915-16
General Sir Charles Monro1916
General Sir Henry, Lord Home1916-18
Second Army
General Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien1914-15
Field Marshal Sir Herbert Plumer1915-17
General Sir Henry Rawlinson1915-16
Third Army
General Sir Charles Monro1915
Field Marshal Sir Edmund Allenby1915-17
General Sir Julian, Baron Byng1917-18
Fourth Army
General Sir Henry Rawlinson1916-18
Fifth Army
Lt.-General Sir Hubert de la Poer Gough1916-18
General Sir Henry Rawlinson1917-18
Gallipoli Army
General Sir Ian Hamilton1915
General Sir Charles Monro1915
Salonika Army
General Sir Charles Monro1915
General Sir Bryan Mahon1915-16
Lt.-General Sir George Milne1916-18
Egypt/Palestine Army
General Sir Julian, Baron Byng1914
Lt.-General Sir John Maxwell1914-15
General Sir Charles Monro1915-16
General Sir Archibald Murray1916-17
Field Marshal Sir Edmund Allenby1917-18