4. Now a Sergeant,
May 8, 1917 (1918)

Dear Sisters o' mine,

. . .I am writing in a little dugout which holds about 6 of us and a couple of desks and a typewriter and is used at the Battalion Sergeant Major's Office. You'll probably be surprised to hear that your "kid" brother is a sergeant now, and is in charge of the Liaison of our battalion. Liaison is a French term used to indicate all means of communication of units by te1egraph, wireless, carrier pigeons, messengers on foot bicycle, horseback motorcycle, etc. I have only the foot runners to look after & see that messages and orders are sent promptly and correctly etc. I wish I could tell you a lot about the experiences we have up here both some of the exciting and then some of the dull miserable, monotonous phases of our rabbit like existence up here. Life is just one thing after another as some one has said and its pretty true. . .


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