7. Meeting a Congressman,
August 23, 1918

My dear Parents,

Just a few lines to let you know I am well and having a good time. I returned to my organization on the 10th after a very Interesting trip up country. On the train from Paris I met a Congressman from Zanesville, Ohio, and ate dinner with him in the 'diner." We had a fine visit as he knew some of the folks in Zanesville and also had a son who was a good friend of mine in college. His son is in the aviation up here and he had the opportunity of seeing him while visiting the Marne Front. He was so privileged, that he saw his own boy go up in his machine into actual battle. The party that this congressman is attached to is visiting all sectors of the front upon which our troops are engaged and he was on the Marne when the big battle of July 15th started and which we started the other way on the 18th south of Soissons. You folks have seen of course how things have been going ever since June the 1st Old Fritz is on the run, and we are going to keep him running too. I'm going to hire a buggy in Berlin one of these days. Wish us luck.

I found the regiment in the line (1 cant state which part) but we were relieved thank goodness and got back to where the boys could rest their weary bones for a few days. Of course we had to march 66 kilometers to get here (that's about 44 miles) a mere trifle. But it gave us a chance to get paid and some of the men and officers had a chance to go on furlough. Oh! by the way as I noted on the bottom of John's last letter he went to the hospital to have a diseased tonsil cut out and while there developed a case of diphtheria. He sure is having hard luck with his outfit of breathers. First laryngitis, then tonsilitis and now diphtheria. But his physique is good and he'll pull through all right I'm pretty sure.

Life as an officer has by this time almost become a pleasure. At first it was hard. One couldn't exactly place oneself or rather find his place. Edges wear off and things run smoothly as before. A lot of little luxuries one can indulge in and which are allotted to him and his rank really make life a whole lot more amenable and enjoyable. As an officer of course I have to buy everything myself; all that Uncle Sam furnishes us Is a pistol and ammunition. Clothes, equipment, mess bills, social liabilities etc all eat Into the little income of the new subaltern or "shave tail" as we are called. Of course after a few months that will also go easier and I can begin to save some money. But I seldom plan beyond a stretch of 10 days. Its a funny war. God bless you and the dear sisters.

Your devoted son


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