Eugene West's
Military Record

Enlisted Service Record with the
U.S. Marine Corps

Official Depiction of the 5th Marines at Blanc Mont
Gene West Fought in this Action

  • Enlisted: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Recruit Training in Drill Company 12 G, Port Royal Marine Base, South Carolina, April 19, 1917 - June 29, 1917.
  • Joined 17th Company Base Battalion, 5th Regiment, Marine Base Quantico, VA for expeditionary training, June 30, 1917.
  • Embarked on USS Henderson, July 31, 1917 at Philadelphia PA, Navy Yard; left continental limits for France, August 7, 1917.
  • Promoted from Private to Corporal: August 15, 1917.
  • Engaged with enemy submarine: August 20, 1917.
  • Disembarked at St. Nazaire, France August 23, 1917.
  • Duty with 17th Co. in France Bassens, Bordeaux)
  • A.E.F. Xmas Mail Depot, Brest. France, Dec. 13, 1917 to Jan. 15, 1918.
  • Rejoined 17th Co. 1st Bn 5th Marines, 2nd Division Training Area, Haute Marne, France.
  • Entrained for training on Verdun Front March 17, 1918. Les Eparges Sector, March 18 to 24, 1918.
  • Promoted from Cpl. to Sgt. March 27, 1918.
  • Detached lst Bn Hdqrs. 5th Marines as scout and liaison N.C.O. same date and served as such in Verdun Sector March 27 to May 15, 1918.
  • Acting Regimental Color Sgt. May 15 to 31
  • Participated in the defensive engagement against the enemy advance 6/1/18, River Marne, France,
  • From 6/6/18 to 6/21/18 and 6/26/18 to 7/2/18, took part in the attacks against the enemy in the Bois de Belleau, Bouresches sector Northwest of CHATEAU THIERRY, France, as Field Sgt. Major 1st Bn. 5th Marines.
  • Shell Shrapnel Wound right hip June 6th 1918. Was not evacuated to Hospital. Recommended for Croix de Guerre, June 6th, Major J.S. Turril, Bn. Commander.
  • Participated in Independence Day Parade, July 4th, 1918. Paris, France.
  • Returned to Belleau Wood sector (in reserve) July 5th to 13th, 1918.
  • Discharged July 13th, 1918, (excellent discharge, no offenses) to be enrolled as 2nd Lieut. U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Class 4.

Record of Service with the
U.S. Marine Corps as an Officer.

Official Depiction of the Crossing of the Meuse the Last Night of the War
Gene West Fought in this Action

  • Examined, accepted and sworn in as 2nd Lieut. Marine Corps Reserve. Class 4, July 14, 1918 by Lt. Col. Logan Feland. U.S.M.C., Commanding 5th Regiment Marines.
  • Assigned to 1st Bn. Hdqrs, 5th Marines as Liaison Officer.
  • Participated in the allied shock attack and offensive action against the enemy defenses before SOISSONS, France 7/18/18 to 7/20/18.
  • Attended A.E.F. Gas Defense School Chaumont, France, Aug. 1 - 10, 1918.
  • Rejoined 1st Bn. 5th Marines and appointed Bn. Gas Officer Aug. 12, 1918, served as such till Nov. 11, 1918.
  • Marbach Sector, Pont-a-Mousson, Aug. 12 -17, 1918.
  • Participated in the American offensive against the enemy in the ST. MIHIEL salient, 9/12/18 to 9/16/18.
  • Took part in the offensive of the 4th French Army against the enemy positions in Champagne, Northeast of Reims in the region of Somme-Py and the capture of Blanc Mont Ridge, 9/30/18 to 10/10/18.
  • Recommended for D.S.C. & Croix de Guerre: 10/4/18, Major George W. Hamilton, BN. Commander.
  • Participated in the MEUSE-ARGONNE offensive in the attacks on the Freya-Stellung line, Nov. 1st to 10, 1918. Participated in crossing the MEUSE east of Beaumont, and assault of the enemy positions on the heights Northeast of the Meuse, night of Nov. 10-11, 1918 and at Senegal Ferme.
  • Special Regimental Courier to Paris, Nov. 14th to 16th, 1918.
  • Participated in the march of the Allied Armies towards the Rhine River via Belgium, & Luxembourg as Billeting Officer, 1st Bn. 5th Marines, Nov. 17th to Dec. 12th, 1918, crossed the Rhine to Coblenz Bridgehead resistance line Dec. 13th, 1918.
  • With the American Army of Occupation (NEIDERBREITBACH, Germany) 1st Bn. Hdqrs., 5th Marines, Dec. 16 - June 24, 1919.
  • Relieved of duty with 1st Bn, 5th Regiment June 24th, 1919. Sp. Order 174, Par 11 Hqrs. 2nd Div. for transportation to U.S. for discharge.
  • Left Coblenz: June 25, 1919.
  • Arrived Brest: June 28, 1919.
  • Embarked. USS Leviathan June 29th, 1919.
  • Landed Hoboken, July 5th 1919.
  • Reported P.O. N.Y. July 7th, Leave till Aug. 7th

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