St. Mihiel Offensive

September 12 - 16, 1918



U.S. First Army [Pershing]

Strength = 216,000 US and 48,000 French

Army Reserve:   80th Division [Cronkhite] See Fr. II Corps Below

I Corps [Liggett]

   2nd Division [Lejeune]

   5th Division [McMahon]

   82nd Division [Burnham]

   90th Division [Allen]

   Reserve: 78th Division [McRae]

IV Corps [Dickman]

   1st Division [Summerall]

   42nd Division [Menoher]

   89th Division [Wright]

   Reserve: 3rd Division [Buck]

V Corps [Cameron]

   4th Division [Hines]

   26th Division [Edwards]

   15th French Colonial Division

   Reserve: Units of 4th Division

II French Colonial Corps [Blondat]

   2nd French Dismounted Cavalry **Add: 320th Infantry and 315th MG Battalion Detached from 80th U.S. Division, First Army Reserve

   26th French Colonial Division

   39th French Colonial Division


German Army

Detachment C [Fuchs]

Strength = 75,000 German and Austro-Hungarian