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Important - Please Read

13-Oct-1997: Due to other commitments and a tremendous backlog, I am no longer accepting bios. When the backlog is cleared, I will once again be happy to continue to build the bio pages. Thanks to everyone for their help!

I need volunteers!

Attention Teachers: If your class is currently studying World War I then have I got a deal for you! I'm sure you noticed a lot of empty biography pages. This is because I'm doing this alone right now and I can only crank out so many each week. But with your help we could get this place populated in no time at all.

Go out and take a look at a completed bio (such as Bismarck), Consider this a template where interesting facts are listed followed by quotes (the quotes are important since they give dimension to the person).

If you need ideas then go to one of the Atlas pages and look at the people listed in the Military and State sections. Don't feel confined by these lists, be creative. Women were very active in this era. They are not listed due to their limited roles in Military and State. Edith Cavell comes to mind immediately. Remember almost anyone can do a Churchill (no slight against Winston intended, but he can be found in any encyclopedia) but how about Mustafa Kemal, there's a tougher one.

One bio per class would be fine (one per student would short-circuit me). Try to keep them brief but interesting. These were real people. Don't worry about photographic images or web stuff, that's my job. Just plain old text is fine.

Submit them to me via e-mail and be sure to include:
  • Name of school
  • Name of teacher
  • Level/grade of class
  • e-mail address of teacher
  • Country
If your submission is used, your class will receive full credit on the page. Great deal, right? You get a great class project for the web and I get free researchers. Works for me.

Teachers... Dismissed!