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The Somme, 1916

Germans machine gunners take their toll on the morning of 1-Jul-1916, artist unknown

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British troops on their way to the front. Jun-1916. Lochnagar mine crater outside of La Boiselle as it appears today. It was created by 27 tons of explosive on the morning of 1-Jul-1916.
The German trenches at La Boiselle under British artillery bombardment. 1-Jul-1916. Zero minus 10. The mine under Hawthorn Redoubt detonates. 1-Jul-1916.
Preparing to "hop the bags" outside Beaumont Hamel. 1st Battalion, Lancashire Fusliers. 1-Jul-1916. Tending the wounded of the 1st Lancashire Fusliers. 1-Jul-1916.
The remnants of the 1st Lancashire Fusliers at roll call 2-Jul-1916. The devastation of Delville Wood. Sep-1916.
The Tyneside Irish Brigade attack at La Boiselle. 1-Jul-1916. German gunners returning fire with a captured Russian 7.62cm gun. 1-Jul-1916.
Evacuating an early casualty. 1-Jul-1916. Removing a wounded soldier at Beaumont Hamel. 1-Jul-1916.
Foot traffic on the sunken road outside of La Boiselle. 1-Jul-1916. Abandoned German trench at Beaumont Hamel. 1-Jul-1916.
The results of artillery bombardment. The once tree lined road to Guillemont. Aug-1916. The wood outside Thiepval. Sep-1916.
General Fritz von Below's field headquarters. Jul-1916. British assisting wounded German prisoners. 3-Jul-1916.
The 10th Worcesters bringing in prisoners. 3-Jul-1916. The Royal Australian Battery manning 9.2in Mark VI howitzers. Jul-1916.