Military Posters


This poster employs heavy peer pressure to say the least. It is at a point where the "buddy" system was being used to lure recruits. Volunteer groups from villages or factories would be kept together as a fighting unit. This resulted in tragic losses for some communities at battles like the Somme.


Poster donated by Les Strong - Thanks Les.
This Australian recruiting poster was used "back home" during the Gallipoli campaign. The soldier's legs bridge the Dardanelles.

If your browser is fractal capable, then try the fractal version of this poster.
This poster makes the implication that you approve of "this kind of thing", Zeppelin attacks on civilians, if you don't join up.

There is a section on Zeppelins, if you're interested.
This combination Italian propaganda/recruiting poster manages to make the Izonzo look like a nice spot for a vacation.