From Tony Noyes and Christina Holstein of
Back to the Front

Greetings to all our American colleagues and friends with whom we have had the pleasure of exploring the Great War battlefields of France and Belgium over the years.

To those of you whom we have not yet met we also extend a warm handshake and the wish that we may meet somewhere "Over There".

Tony With Group
Indian Memorial, Neuve-Chapelle

Christina at Grey Bear
German Blockhouse
Christina and I have been walking the Western Front for many years. Christina knows the American and adjacent French battlefields intimately, and I like to think I can offer the same knowledge for these areas and for the whole of the Front from the English Channel to the Swiss border. Christina"s recent book is Fort Douaumont - Verdun in the "Battleground Europe" series and is the definitive manuscript in English of this massive ruined centerpiece of the Verdun battlefield.

Our explorations have taken us far off the beaten track away from the usual tourist areas to places untouched, except by nature, since 1918. We have in-depth knowledge of the actions of the German army, as well as those of Britain, France and America, and can offer a balanced view of this mighty conflict down to unit level.

We are in the process of launching a company called Back to the Front built upon our extensive personal tour management and organisational experience. It will offer tours to any part of the Western Front, designed to your own timetable and traveling requirements, and if you wish, following the fortunes of "Your" Division or Unit in the AEF, or indeed, any of the participants of the "War to end Wars". We offer to make all the necessary travel and accommodation arrangements for a successful and deeply interesting visit, and we shall be with you at all times during your tour.

Next year will see the opening of the TGV Est rail route which will cut the journey time from Paris to near Verdun to under an hour, and thus easily opens the way for touring the French areas and the later 1918 American battlefields.

We can offer tours covering the Battle of Verdun and, for longer periods, the fighting by the American Forces in Belleau Wood, Chateau Thierry, the St Mihiel Salient, Meuse Argonne and Champagne. Tours covering the entire Western Front can be arranged with sufficient notice.

We look forward to receiving your queries which will receive our best attention and hope you will join us next year, "Over There".

With our very best wishes, Christina and Tony


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