Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie

Sacred Heart CHS
Newmarket, Ontario
Teacher: Marc Keirstead
Self and Society, 9th Grade
Blue Max



General Information

  • Born in 1875 at Napperton, Ontario.
  • Enlisted in the militia at the beginning of the war and made his way up the ranks to become a lieutenant colonel of the artillery.
  • Was part of the First Canadian Division and fought at the battles of Ypres and Saint Julien
  • Made a strong case for keeping Canadian soldiers together in a true Canadian Division.
  • Was successful in establishing a Canadian Division and was the first Canadian promoted to the rank of general.
  • believed in fully preparing his troops before a battle; right from the officers to the lowly private.
  • Was successful for the planning and execution of the battle of Vimy Ridge (the battle that many feel recognized Canada as a true nation).
  • Was considered aloof from his troops and nicknamed "Guts and Gaiters".
  • However often visited his troops at the front.
  • Involved in the controversial battle of Mons in 1918 when a number of troops were killed hours before the Armistice.
  • Knighted by King George V in 1917.
  • Honours received-Commander of the Bath, Legion of Honour, Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, Croix de Guerre, Distinguished Service Medal (US).

"... it is quite time that some corps commanders were told to go to blazes."

"I am a good enough Canadian to believe, if my experience justifies me in believing, that Canadians are best served by Canadians."

"We have shown that even in trench warfare it is possible to mystify and mislead the enemy."

"Thorough preparation must lead to success. Neglect nothing."

Address to Canadian Corps, March 1918:
"To those who fall I say: You will not die but step into immortality. Your mothers will not lament your fate but will be proud to have borne such sons. Your names will be revered forever and ever by your grateful country, and God will take you unto Himself."