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A Photo Essay by Eric Mansuy
of Hadol, France

Vosges Sector

Fifth Division Monument at Frapelle

This monument isn't the original one, yet the plaque is the original. It reads: "Frapelle, captured by the 5th U.S. Div, Aug. 17th, 1918 marking the first offensive operation of this Div. This was also the first operation undertaken by American troops on the Vosges Front."

The mayor of Frapelle has started a project to lead, within two years, to move the monument to its original location, opposite the town hall, and to replace the 5th Division's red diamonds now missing from the monument.

Fifth Division Monument at Frapelle New Location

The new 5th Division Monument at Frapelle was dedicated on August 18, 2000. At the ceremony Mr. Rhyer who served with the Red Diamond Division in World War II represented the division..

VII US Corps Plaque at Remiremont

In 1963 this plaque was placed on the private residence which served as the original headquarters of the VII Corps from its creation on August 19, 1918 until November 8, 1918.

Base Hospital #23 Memorial, Vittel

Located at Vittel's Grand Hotel, the memorial's inscription reads: Here was twice located American Base Hospital 23. From: November 1917 to June 1919 and from October 4, 1944 to September 15, 1945..

T.R. Plummer Plaque at Moyenmoutier

Thomas Rodman Plummer managed the Franco-American Canteen located opposite the town hall [present location of the plaque] during the whole war. His citation reads that he was too old to serve on active duty, yet was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. He died at nearby Raon-l'Etape at the age of 56, on November 24, 1918.

T.R. Plummer Grave, Moyenmoutier

Thanks to a private initiative T.R. Plummer had the honour of being buried under a military white cross at Moyenmoutier cemetery. Two flags, French and American, are displayed behind the cross nearly all year long, except in winter. Flowers are placed on the grave every Memorial Day.

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