Remembering Significant
Events of the Great War


  • Assassination in Sarajevo
    June 28, 1914
  • The July Crisis of 1914
    June 28 - August 4, 1914
  • Battle of Tannenberg
    August 26-30, 1914
  • First Battle of the Marne
    September 6-10 1914
  • Turkey Joins the Central Powers
    October 29, 1914
  • British Blockade of Germany Starts
    November 2, 1914
  • Christmas Truce
    December 24-31, 1914

  • 1915

  • First Zeppelin Raid on London
    January 15, 1915
  • Initial Naval Assault at
    the Dardanelles
    February 19, 1915
  • Fall of Fortress of Przemsyl
    March 22, 1915
  • 1st Gas on the Western Front,
    2nd Battle of Ypres
    April 22, 1915
  • Lusitania Sunk
    May 7, 1915
  • First Battle of the Isonzo
    June 29, 1915
  • German Defeat in Southwest Africa
    July 9, 1915
  • Second Landing at Gallipoli:
    Suvla Bay
    August 7, 1915
  • German Defense Proves Dominant
    in Champagne & Artois
    September 1915
  • Central Powers Invade Serbia
    October 7, 1915
  • The Battle of Ctesiphon
    November 22-25, 1915
  • Douglas Haig Named British
    Field Commander
    December 16, 1915

  • 1916

  • German aces Max Immelmann and
    Oswald Boelcke, First Aviators
    Awarded Pour le Mérite
    January 12, 1915
  • Battle of Verdun Begins
    February 21, 1916
  • Russian Defeat at Battle of
    Lake Naroch
    March 18-21, 1916
  • British Empire Forces
    Surrender at Kut
    April 29, 1916
  • Battle of Jutland
    May 31, 1916
  • Brusilov Offensive Opens
    June 4, 1916
  • Battle of the Somme Begins
    July 1, 1916
  • Gorizia Captured During
    6th Battle of Isonzo
    August 8, 1916
  • First Tanks Go Into Battle
    During Battle of the Somme
    September 15, 1916
  • Fort Douaumont Recaptured
    During Battle of Verdun
    October 24, 1916
  • Emperor Franz Josef Dies
    Sixty-Six Year Reign Ends
    November 21, 1916
  • Bucharest Falls
    December 5, 1916

  • 1917

  • Germany Resumes Unrestricted
    Submarine Warfare
    January 31, 1917
  • British Army Captures Kut-al-Amara
    February, 1917
  • Tsar Nicholas II Abdicates
    March 15, 1917
  • America Declares War
    April 6, 1917
  • Petain Named French Commander-in-Chief
    May 15, 1917
  • Battle of Messines
    Opens Flanders Campaign
    June 7, 1917
  • Third Ypres
    Battle of Passchendaele Begins
    July 31, 1917
  • Papal Peace Initiative
    August 1, 1917
  • Breakthrough Techniques Tested
    at Battle of Riga
    September 1, 1917
  • Battle of Caporetto Begins
    October 24, 1917
  • Battle of Cambrai Commences
    Great War's Largest Tank Action
    November 20, 1917
  • Russian-German Armistice Signed
    December 15, 1917


    Contributed by David Homsher


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     Poetry at War
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     Words of War: Terms and Expressions Popularized, 1914-1918
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      Words of War: British War Slang
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     Ernst Junger in Hyperspace by John King
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     Recalling the Great War
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     Educational Slide Shows
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