Caporetto: Order of Battle

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Italian 2nd Army : Gen. Capello

IV Corps: Gen. Cavaciocchi - from Mt. Romboncino to Tolmino sector (included Plezzo and Monte Nero)
50th Division
43rd Division
46th Division
34th Division (reserve of two regiments)

XXVII Corps: Gen. Badoglio - Tolmino Sector
19th Division
65th Division
22nd Division (little more that one Brigade in strength)
64th Division

VII Corps: Gen. Bongiovanni - Deployed from Plezzo to Tolmino behind the IV and XXVII Corps
62nd Division
3rd Division

Combined German and A-H XIV Army - Gen. Von Below

1st Corps - Kraus Group - Gen. Kraus (Plezzo - Mt. Nero sector)
Austrian - Hungarian 3rd Edelweiss Division
Austrian - Hungarian 22nd Schutzen Division
Austrian - Hungarian 55th Division
German Jager Division

3rd Corps - Stein Group - Gen. Stein (Northern Tolmino Sector)
Austrian - Hungarian 50th Division
German 12th Silesian division
German Alpenkorps
German 117th Division

51st Corps - Berrer Group - Gen. Berrer (Southern Tolmino Sector)
German 26th Wurttemberg Division
German 200th Division

15th Corps - Scotti Group - Gen. Scotti (Southern Tolmino Sector)
Austrian - Hungarian 1st Division
German 5th Brandenburg Division

In Reserve: Austrian-Hungarian 33rd, 13th and 4th Divisions

[See End Note 35 for Source.]