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Diving Crew of USS Aroostook, North Sea Mine Barrage
Contributed by Shawnee Brown, Granddaughter of the Diver, Larkin Brown

Men of Company K of the 144th Infantry, 36th "Lone Star" Division
Contributed by Rebecca Hornyak, Granddaughter of Richard Henry Immel on the Left

Machine Gun Company, 317th Inf., 80th 'Blue Mountain' Division at Camp Lee

Three Notable Pilots of the 94th 'Hat in the Ring' Squadron
Alan Winslow, Douglas Campbell, John Huffer

KP Detail, Trainees of 78th 'Lightning' Division
Left front is PFC Louis Marcocci Whose Great Nephew Steve Contributed the Photo

Officers 308th Field Artillery, 78th Division
Contributed by Tom D'Amario Whose Grandfather Kenneth Haddow Chalmers is Somewhere Above

Kitchen Crew 337th Field Hospital

Members Company 79, 6th Marines

Members of H Company, 106th Infantry in New York City

Marine Detachment Unidentified Battleship

Polar Bears of the AEF, Northern Russia

US Navy Yeomenettes Sworn In

US 2nd Cavalry Somewhere in France

Crew Members of U.S.S. Olympia
AEF, Northern Russia

363 Infantry & 347 Field Artillery Welcome Home
Market St., San Francisco, April 23, 1919

Members 369th 'Harlem Hellfighters' Inf., Returning Home

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