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Advancing Behind Tanks at Seicheprey

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1st "Big Red One" Division
4th "Ivy" Division
5th "Red Diamond" Division
26th "Yankee" Division
30th "Old Hickory" Division
32nd "Red Arrow" Division
36th "Texas-Oklahoma" Division
77th "Liberty" Division
82nd "All American" Division
89th "Middle West" Division
91st "Wild West" Division
92nd "Buffalo Soldier" Division
93rd "Red Hand" Division

Call for Help: Since much of the history of the AEF was compiled and organized at the divisional level, we would like to present a thorough history covering organization, training, operations and demobilization of every division in the AEF. If you know of one on-line or which you can make available to us, please email me with the details. MH

Divisions Still Needed

Regular Army 2 3 6 7 8
National Guard 27 28 29 33 37 42
National Army 78 79 80 81 88

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