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General Sources
Unit Histories | Specific Actions, Naval & Air

General Sources

From the Center for Military History - US Army Active Division Matrix
Includes extensive WWI information on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 82nd Divisions.

From The Digital Bookshelf - Divisional Histories on CDs [commercial site].

The War With Germany - A Statistical Summary

A Chronology of World War I [A little weak on American Effort]

Wilson's War Message to Congress - April 2, 1917

Wilson as Commander-in-Chief

Learning Lessons in the American Expeditionary Forces

AEF Combat Instructions, Pamphlet, 1918
Requires Downloading
From the US Army Historical Center - Summary of American Military History: World War I

U.S. Marine Corps in World War I

U.S. Marine Corps Research Center

The Mike Corwith Naval Photo Collection 1916 - 1923


Order of Battle Information on Armies, Corps and Divisions; US Army Official History; American Armies and Battlefields on Europe
Order these essential works for AEF Researchers on CD from the GPO

AEF Division Insignia, Component Units and Historical Data
From the Digital Bookshelf

Unit Histories

From the US Army Historical Center - Bibliography of Unit Histories


Medical Services in the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF)
Look for WWI Document Listing

2nd Indian Head Division

5th Red Diamond Division

History of the 26th Yankee Division

The 26th Yankee Division
From the Living History Organization: Company E, 102nd Inf., 26th Yankee Division

Welcome to the 27th New York Infantry Division

29th Blue & Gray Division History

29th Blue & Gray Divison

History of the 29th Blue & Gray Division

Old Hickory: The 30th Infantry Division

From the US Army Historical Center - Carolina Doughboys: First to Crack the Hindenburg Line
30th Division, Sept. 1918

32nd Division

35th Santa Fe Division

36th Texas-Oklahoma National Guard Division

40th California Sunshine Division

42nd Rainbow Division

76th Division

77th Liberty Division

Camp Upton, The 77th Division, Its Component Units and Personnel
By the Longwood, Long Island Middle School

78th Lightening Division

80th Blue Ridge Division
Photos Only

From the US Army Historical Center - 82D All American Division Summary of Operations in the World War

85th Custer Division

86th Black Hawk Division
Minimal Information

88th Cloverleaf Division

89th Middle West Division

90th Alamo Division
Sketchy on WWI
91st Wild West Division

From the US Army Historical Center - 92nd Buffalo Division Summary of Operations in the World War

From the US Army Historical Center - 93rd Division [369th, 370th, 371st, 372nd Infantry Rgts]

Official History of Negro Units in the World War

Soldiers of the Rainbow: The 1st California Engineers during the Mexican Border Crisis and World War I

2d Armored Cavalry Regiment History - The Great War

The Last Ones to Fire: The 11th Field Artillery in World War I

The 15th Engineers in World War I

17th Engineers (Railway) A. E. F.

The 20th Engineers in World War I

US Army Wolfhounds in Russia 1918-1920 (27th Infantry Regimental History)

29th Field Artillery
Features photos of training and the flu epidemic at Camp Funston

The 61st Infantry, 5th Division in the Great War
From the Website of the 161st Infantry Battalion
Outstanding details, photos, music & battle sounds

The Fighting 69th [165th Infantry of the AEF]
From GWS Member Joe Hourigan; Excellent music feature.

119th Field Artillery in World War I

322 Field Artillery

History of the 325th Airborne Infantry

332nd Infantry in Italy
From the US Army Historical Foundation

645th Aero Supply Squadron

John Cotter's Lost Battalion Site

The Russian Railway Service Corps by Dale Jones

From the Website Beyond the Buffalo Soldiers

From the Signal Corps Museum: The Hello Girls

101st Signal Battalion of the 27th Div

107TH Engineers

Choctaw Code Talkers of World War I

History of the Stars and Stripes
The Doughboys' Newspaper

History of the 1st Bn 126th Field Artillery Battalion

Specific Actions; Naval and Air Units & Operations

From the US Army Historical Center - 1st Division at Ansauville

From Kitty Hawk to World War II: A Chronology of US Army Aviation

History of the 27th Aero Squadron

From the Naval Historical Center - Summary of US Naval Operations in WWI

US Battleships

From the Naval Historical Center -Chronology of US Naval Aviation in the Great War

US Navy Ships Lost in World War I

US Merchantmen Lost in World War I

USS Texas BB-35

USS Cushing DD-55

USS Mallory [Transport]

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