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The Story of the American Expeditionary Forces

2nd Division

Pvt. Kenneth N. Rogers, #128602
Btry. "B" 12 th Field Artillery
2nd Division A.E. F. France.

Diary of Enlistment
In German-American War

Pvt. Kenneth Norman Rogers

Presented the Great War Society

Diary Entries


  • Applied for enlistment at Troy, N. Y.  May 22 1917
  • Sent to Fort Ethan Allen, Vt. May 25 and was sworn in May 26-1917
  • Left Fort Ethan Allen June 4 NYC & PRR
  • Arr. Ft. Myer  Va. June 5-19 at 8 p.m.
  • Taken to camp at St. Asaph, Va.  There had  my first drilling
  • Had first leave to go home Aug. 11-16 –1917
  • Had second leave to go home Oct 7-12.
  • Left Ft. Myer, Va. Dec 17 – 10 p m bound for France. B&O RR
  • Arr. At Dumont, N. J. Dec. 18- 12 m. 1917.
  • Marched to Camp Merrit. There we were stationed in barracks, awaiting our transport.  
  • Had two day leave to go home Dec. 24 1917. Had 24 hours leave to visit NYC.
  • Dec 28, Had teeth all fixed by camp dentist.

  • 1918

  • Left Camp Merrit. June 10, 1918. 8pm WSRR.
  • Arrived at 19th St Pier Jan. 11, 1918.  [with] 8,000 soldiers
  • Had a fine voyage across. Nothing uneventful happened.
  • Saw first land Jan. 18, 7 a.m. Hebrides Islands off coast of  Scotland.
  • Arr. Liverpool Jan. 19 1918.  Unloaded in 3 hrs  and were first on train at 12 m. 
  • Left Liverpool 12 m. and arr. Winchester same day 8 p.m.
  • Manchester, Crewe, Birmingham. Marched off to Camp Winnel Downs near Aldershot, Eng.
  • While at Winchester visited Winchester Castle and numerous other places of interest. 
  • Left Winchester Jan. 25 1918 8 a. m. 
  • Left Southhampton Jan. 25 6.30 on board H. M. S. Archimedes. ( cattle ship).
  • Crossed English Channel arr. Le Havre, France Jan. 26 12 m. trip uneventful.
  • After a long hot, dusty march ( full pack ) arr. At rest camp Le Havre. (on outskirts).
  • Entrained at Le Havre [in] side door Pullmans. ( 8 chevaux- Hommes 40 ) Etat RR
  • We passed Rouen, St. Cyr, Versailles, via PL&M. RR We arr. 8 a. m. Jan. 30.]
  •  After a long cold hungry ride . We were packed in like sardines and left at 12.
  • 6 p.m.Left Rest Camp Jan 28 , 6.30 a. m.  after another long march we arr at a large stone barracks our training camp. We trained here for about 6 weeks.
  • March 17 departed for Laugres.  Try examinations for West Point Military Academy.  Arr. Vesoul 2 p. m. stayed all night. 
  • Left Vesoul  3 p. m. March 18 arr at Langres 6 p. m. same day.  Stayed at Hotel de L’Europe.  Had a fine time a Laugres but reported late for exams, so couldn’t take them. 
  • Left Lagures for Soissons 3 am. March 30.  Passed through Troyes, Chalons Chateau Thiery, Eperney,  Stayed at Soissons two days in shell fire and left there 2 p.m.
  • April 2,  Arr. At Le Bourget, Paris 9 pm. April 2.  Left Paris Apr.  ( air  raid that night  ) bound for Second Div. Hdqtrs.
  • At   Somme Dieue Apr 4.  Passed 
  • Stayed  overnight at St. Dizier Apr. 5.
  • Reported to Btry   Apr. 6, at 2 p.m. at Camp Cinq Freres. (  camp Five Brothers )
  • Left  camp Apr. 19 for position at front near Haudraimidle & Verdun Sector.
  • Battery fired first shots at Hun, Easter morning.
  • May 17. left Position 82 on 10 day hike. Possesse, Paris, Chaummux, Trie-Chateau. Croix Blanc.
  • Arr.  May  24.  Left Croix Blanc June 1st for big battle in Aisne [at] Chateau Thierry
  • Went into battle June 2nd.  Fought  continiously until relieved.
  • Wounded 12 midnight  June 25. H. E. Shell. 77. 
  • Relieved Chateau Thierry-July 7.  Went back 12  kilos in reserve. 26 Div.
  • Had “ Flu  Montrieul  Left on a forced march for Soissons. July 15,
  • Arr. Soissons July 18 and delivered a surprise attack at 4.20 A. M.
  • Vast number of guns and  prisoners taken.  Continious open warfare.
  • JULY 21.   went over the top.  Caught in German barrages.  Gassed.  Heavy fighting 
  • Left  Soissons front July 25.  camped  near Paris 3 days. 
  • Arrived Nancy and camped at Neuve Maison July. 31. 
  • Left for front Aug 5 arr. Toul sector opposite Metz Aug 7. Quiet sector.
  • Left Aug.23, made 40 kilo hike and arr. At camp near Xuielly that night on 7 day pass to Nancy.  Bonsicouis Church.  St. Stanislaus Place. 
  • Returned to camp Sept 1. Birthday Had  training here for big offensive drive at St. Mihiel. Xeuilly. 
  • Marched 3 days to Toul. 
  • Left for front Sept 9 arr at front Sept 11.  
  • Attack on the St. Mehiel  salient opened up morning of Sept. 12 ,  Big guns fired at 1 a.m. and small guns at 4.30  The greatest  concentration of infantry and artillery, heavy and light and also tanks I ever saw .  Italian 300 MM special.  American Aeroplanes held the supremacy in the air at all times.
  • Location,  left flank of Metz. Drive continues, were relieved Sept. 16.
  • Camp at Bois de Fous  Sept 17. Mud 2 feet deep. 
  • Left Camp Bois de Fous.  Sept 20
  • Arr. At Ligny la Salle on Sept 22.  2 days march. Stayed there 3 days.
  • Entrained at Vouscouller  4 A. M. Sept.25.
  • In reserves for Champaign drive near Franchville in barracks ( de coutie )  
  • Went up to line on Sept. 28th.  Very heavy fighting and severe shelling all through the fighting especially at Montblanc.  Somme – Py, St. Etienne and the Vaux on Aisne.
  • Germans gave hard but we made good progress every day. 
  • Oct. 5 th. Went into the 4th position.  Sprained ankle but remained with battery.    Threw big barrage at 4.30 that afternoon
  • Paid at front lines  Oct,12th advanced during  night and went next two days 20 kilos through St.Etienne Marchant and Dricourt to Vaux. 
  • Went into position in open field Oct. 14th. 
  • Stayed here until relieved Oct.27th.
  • Left Vaux –en- Champaign on the early morning of Oct. 28 on march 3 days behind Hindenburg line.  
  • It was a forced march 70 kilos to the Argonne.
  • We went down there and cleaned up old Fritz.  Greatest artillery preparation. 
  • Went into action Nov. 1 near Fleville.  It was the beginning of the end.  We were told it would probably be our last time in the trenches.  
  • We chased Fritz for 8 days through St. Geores Bayonville, Bob wounded here,  to Youngege, 
  • Fri. Nov. 11 at 11 A. M. the armistice went into effect.  Was in Yongege when the armistice went into effect.
  • Stayed in Youngege until Nov. 17.  then  Neuerburg. Started on our long march to Coblenz. Arr  at  big mill near Stenay Nov. 17. – 25 kilo. 
  • Left morning of Nov 18 crossed Belgian line at 11.30 A.M. into Millresawal.  Had dinner and then resumed march to Geronville.  There we met by a civilian band and given a rousing reception.  The civilians were happy like children. The Germans had just left the town 24 hours previous.  Beautiful place.  25 kilos
  • Left Gerounville Nov. 20 arrived at Arlon.  Detached to Brigade Hdq.  Nice city and had a good . Made 35 kilos that day.  #17 Avenue Victor Lesch. 
  • Left Arlon Nov. 21 crossed Luxemburg line and arr. At   Rifuneville.  Stayed overnight 30 kilos. 
  • Rifweiler Nov. 22 arrived at Biissen   Stayed overnight 25 kilos.
  • Left Bissen Nov. 23  at Falkendinger on the frontier.  Stayed there until Nov. 29.
  • Had real live turkey for Thanksgiving.  Nov. 29 transferred to Co. A 2nd Div. Supply Co.  Taken to Meurch Luxemburg. 
  • Resumed our march and crossed German frontier and arr.  At Riesdorf   about 30  kilos.  
  • Dec. 2 left Reisdorf arr. At    Bithrug. 
  • And arr. At  Lunebach 28 kilos Dec.4.  Left  Lunebach arr at Gerastein. About 30   kilos.  Billeted in old German barracks. 
  • Left Gerolstein Dec 7 and arr. At Adenau   about  25  kilos Dec. 8 
  • Left  Adenau and arr. At   Heisners-keine. Stayed there until Dec. 13. about    25kilos.  
  • Dec. 13 started for the Rhine. Crossed it 11. P. M. and arr. At Neiweid  an hour later. 
  • Our destination  out 30 kilos.  Billeted  at 43 Meirdstrasse. 
  • Spent   Xmas and New Years here.  Went to Coblenz many times. 

  • 1919

  • Jan. 15, 1919.  Transferred from Reserve Train to Co. E.
  • Jan 30 received letter of father’s death also received announcement card of brother’s marriage.  
  • March 19. 1919. left  Neuwled on a trip to Dijon France for liberty. 
  • Mar. 23 Saddlebags taken by Sgt. Woodworth [at] Cinq Freres. [Other items accounted for:]

  • Pistol #161297, Lost in action Soissons
    Pistol #184022, Lost in action Champagne.
    U.S., Mail Badge, # 19725

  • Arrived back in Neuwled on Apr.3. 1919.
  • May 13 left Neuwled for Alp.  Moved the 6th Div. Home.
  • Returned to Neuwled May 26.
  • July 21st. Left Newied  5.30 P. M.  for our last trip to U.S.   Went through the northern route via  Coblenz, Cologne, Aachen  Herberstat, Virviers, Liege,  Charlerois,  Mons, Valenciennes,  St. Guetin  Amiens,  Rennes to Rouen and thence to Brest.  It took till 9 A. M. Thursday morning  for this trip in American boxcars.  Passed through Belgium, France and Germany.  Stopped in Brest and then had our final inspection. 
  • Left Brest  9.00 for ship.  Boarded  transport U. S. S.  Leviathan   about 2.00 P. M.  Sailed out of Brest 7.15 P. M. July 30 . Out of sight of land 8.30 P. M. same evening.  Ship about half full,  fed twice a day . 
  • Had a fine voyage and landed in Hoboken Aug. 5.  Paraded in N.Y. City

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