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  1. Allworth

Edward C.


60th Infantry

With his advancing units facing great resistance, swam River Meuse canal and personally led the attack to success establishing a bridgehead.

  1. Allen

Abe. I.


28th Infantry

Although severely wounded by shell explosion which buried two companions at Cantigny, he promptly dug them out and carried them to aid despite heavy enemy fire. Read an article about the Battle for Cantigny.

  1. Amory

Thomas D.

2nd Lt.


26th Infantry

After advancing 2 kms into enemy territory on reconnaissance mission and finding his patrol almost surrounded fought on despite fatal wounds and drove the enemy from an important position.

  1. Anderson

Johannes S.

1st Sgt.

132nd Infantry

Acting alone and under fire, circle behind enemy machine gun nest, eliminated it and captured 23 German soldiers.

  1. Barger

Charles D.


354th Infantry

With Jesse Funk [below] made two trips with stretcher into No Manís Land to rescue patrols caught in open, rescuing two.

Capt. Edward C.Allworth
Crawford, Washington

Cpl. Arthur F. Brandt
Pottsville, Iowa

  1. Barkeley

David B.

Pvt. Deceased

356th Infantry

Volunteered to swim River Meuse to reconnoiter the enemyís position; drowned when returning

  1. Bart

Frank J.


9th Infantry

Silenced two enemy machine guns that were hindering his unitís advance. Read about the Battle for Blanc Mont Ridge.

  1. Blackwell

Robert L.


119th Infantry

Killed after volunteering to carry a message calling for reinforcements for his nearly surrounded platoon.

  1. Bogan

Henry S.


6th Marines

Captured three machine guns and thirty prisoners after being wounded.

  1. Brandt

Arthur F.


168th Infantry

Fatally wounded in the face while his unit was being relieved, he continued guiding the way to the new position despite heavy fire.Died the next day.

  1. Brown



61st Infantry

Twice captured enemy machine guns taking survivors prisoner on the same day.

  1. Buffalo

Joseph A.


358th Infantry

Wounded early in the initial assault at St. Mihiel, he continued fighting and eliminating machine guns all day long refusing to be evacuated until late at night.

  1. Burke

Jackson D.

1st Sgt

28th Infantry

Crawled several hundred yards under enemy fire to carry essential message to the regimental PC.

  1. Call

Donald H.

Lt. [Then Cpl.]

344th Tank Battl.

Rescued his tank commander under intense machine gun and shell fire carrying him over a mile to safety.

  1. Causland

Harry L.

Pvt. Deceased

357th Infantry

Killed after volunteering to bring machine gun ammunition forward over exposed ground.

  1. Cheevers

Earl J.


132nd Infantry

Entered a dugout alone after seeing enemy soldiers entering it and captured 12 of them.

  1. Chiles

Marcellus H.


356th Infantry

After leading a successful advance across a stream waist deep, was shot in abdomen by sniper and later died.

  1. Colyer

Wilbur E.


1st Engrs.

Silenced an entire nest of machine guns ambushing his fellow soldiers.Later killed in action.

  1. Costin

Henry G.

Pvt. Deceased

115th Infantry

Led a successful advance with his automatic weapons team under terrific enemy fire, continuing after receiving fatal wounds.

  1. Cukela


1st Lt.

5th Marines

After crawling behind enemy lines, eliminated a machine gun crew with his bayonet, then eliminated another strong point with hand grenades.

  1. Davis



113th Infantry

Arkansasís most decorated Doughboy. Read about his accomplishments by clicking here.

Lt. Louis Cukela
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pvt. Herman Davis
Manila, Arkansas
Inspiration for Bruce Powell and
This Article

  1. Davis

Harry J.


60th Infantry

Advanced over open ground in an individual assault on a machine gun which he silenced despite being wounded.

  1. Dickop

Racy C.

1st. Lt. Deceased

127th Infantry

Although wounded in head, body and legs, when orders came for another assault, he continued leading his company in the next assault until he fell dead.

  1. Dilboy



103rd Infantry

Killed while eliminating an enemy machine gun after rushing alone over 100 yards of open country.

  1. Disalvo



354th Infantry

Died on the field after single-handedly eliminating a machine gun position holding up his unitsí advance.

26 - 50
51 - 75
76 - 101

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