There were 48 guns in the Brigade, 24 for each of the Brigade’s two regiments (146th and 148th). Each regiment had 6 batteries and each battery had 4 guns. Each gun cost $125,000 in 1917 or in today’s dollars, $1,862,300.

In this picture the members of this gun crew proudly show a sign which indicates the 66th Brigade fired 53% of all 155 mm Gun shells fired by the A.E.F. As this Brigade was one of the first in France it was an example to those who came after and was used to train others once the French had trained them. It was in every major fight of the AEF.

The number of rounds fired by the 148th FA Regiment was as follows:

Champagne-Marne Defensive and Aisne-Marne Offensive: 27,301
St. Mihiel Offensive: 1,755
Argonne-Meuse: 37,944
Total: 67,000

E Battery total in France: 12,000

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