The 148th Regiment had no training in the intricate use of the 155mm G. P. F. prior to arriving in France. Training involved such skills as tractor driving, technique of artillery, observation in balloons and airplanes, radio, telephone, mechanic, ordnance, firing practice, tactical problems, map firing, plus normal operations of protecting material, maintenance, ammunition, safety of personnel, first aid, gas instruction convoying and movement by rail.

War in Europe in 1918 had developed the specialist, and nowhere was he most essential than in the Artillery. Proper functioning meant that each artilleryman had to operate not only as a specialist in his assigned duty, but in most of the other specialties in case of injuries.

They left their training facilities and were prepared for combat on 4 July 1918 allowing for the completion of their training in just 5 months, considered far less then normally adequate.

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