The G. P. F. weighed in travel position 14 tons, mounted on rubber tire wheels, drawn by Holt tractors along the roads at 12 to 15 kilometers per hour (7 to 9 m.p.h.) and firing a 98 pound projectile, six inches in diameter at an accurate range of 16 kilometers (10 miles). As the Brigades Official History states in the vernacular of the times: “…the Hun listened to a mighty convincing argument when these 21 foot tubes spoke and launched their message of concentrated destruction in his midst.”

The outstanding features of the G. P. F. were its great mobility, its accuracy of direction, its wide traverse, its amount of fire power, and its long range. The split trail allowed a traverse of over 700 decigrads (artillery measurement covering 70 degrees) which permitted it to cover a wide arc without shifting the trails.

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