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French Army on the March, Georges Scott

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Our award-winning Doughboy Center is the Web's most comprehensive treatment of the American effort in the First World War.

France on the battlefield, the homefront and after the Armistice.

Forgotten fronts from Salonika to Mesopotamia; Turkey in the War; Lawrence of Arabia and the ANZACs at Gallipoli.

The largest source in the English language on this spectacular front that featured both history's greatest mountain warfare and the same grim attritional warfare as the other fronts along the Isonzo River.

The war's heritage, remembrance, mythology and language.

Varied contributions from members of the Great War Society. Every member is entitled to his own web page on any WWI topic.

Our late member, Mike Iavarone, created the first truly outstanding Web site on the Great War. Trenches on the Web has hundreds of features and is maintained by the Society in Mike's memory.

Tony Langley, contributing editor to our quarterly journal Relevance, operates his own site, which has the best collection of World War I images on the web. Also, he presents hundreds of eyewitness accounts, which were published in period magazines.

A sampler of some of the best articles presented in our quarterly journal in the past twenty years.

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