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They Shaped the 20th Century
  Notable Individuals Who Served in the Near East During the Great War

Goeben and the Naval War in the Black Sea
  from our Relevance Archives

Dardanelles Diary:
A Look at Gallipoli from Offshore
  from The Illustrated London News, June 5th 1915

Turkey Prepares for War
  by Lt. Col. Edward J. Erickson

The Allied Failure at Gallipoli
  by Prof. T.H.E. Travers

The Desert Necessity

With the Turks at the Dardanelles, May 1915
  by War Correspondent Arthur Ruhl

A Photo Portrait of the Turkish Army
Contributed by Tony Langley

We are seeking contributions on the First World War and the Near East. The area of interest is from the Balkans to the Persian Gulf; the time of interest is from before the war to the current activies. We are looking for a fresh look at these events. If you want to write about Lawrence of Arabia, tell us something that's not in the movie. The Relevance of events back then to today is an important theme we want to explore. An article about how the US Marines who captured Kut in 2003 learned from the fiasco of 1915 would be bully. Contact me through the link below if you have something you would like to see published.

Mike Hanlon, Editor

At Gallipoli
The Man and His Donkey

Something Interesting
At Near East Websites

Forgotten Air War: Mesopotamia
Turkey's War: Outstanding New Site
Australian War Memorial
The Gallipoli Association
The Man and His Donkey
Mesopotamian Campaign from the PRO
Gallipoli Campaign from the PRO
Reports on Gallipoli, August 9, 1915
Another Forgotten Front
G. Ward Price. The Story of the Salonica Army
Salonika and Macedonia 1916 - 1918
Salonika Front, World War One
Sykes-Picot Agreement, 1916
Letters between Hussein Ibn Ali and Sir Henry Mcmahon
Treatment of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire
A Report on Mesopotamia by T.E. Lawrence
The King-Crane Report
Straits Treaty, 24 June, 1923
The San Remo Conference, 1922
The Balfour Declaration
British Imperial Connexions to the Arab National Movement, 1912-1914
The Treaty of Alliance Between Germany and Turkey
The Treaty of Sèvres, 1920
The Salonika Campaign Society
Salonika Diary - Lt VE Borgonon
A Nurse at Salonika - the Diary of Mrs Edith Moor
Notes of T.E. Lawrence on the Sherifial Family
27 Articles of T.E. Lawrence
Herbert Halliday From the Western Front to Salonika

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