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The Great War Society wishes to express its sincere thanks and appreciation to all the attendees of the 13th Annual Seminar in Kansas City, MO, April 23,24 & 25th. The theme of "World War I & the Near East" was effectively and forcefully delivered by outstanding speakers. The topics and their presentations were enlightning and informative in all aspects. The judgment of many was that the Seminar was just a beginning of a complex and vital area in the study of The Great War.

S. Compagno
President, The Great War Society

The Near East:  1914 – 1918

Why a Seminar on the Near East and World  War I?

The Near East today is a product of the Great War. The Directors of our organization believe it is vitally important we study how the war helped create the climate for constant strife and terror in our time.

- Great War Society President Sal Compagno

Where and When:  We have moved the meeting locale to the nearby Union Station. Go to the Lower Level at Union Station, 30 West Pershing Drive and look for our directional signage. Sorry about the change, the renovation of the Liberty Memorial has unfortunately been delayed. This information is out of date --> The Liberty Memorial Museum, 100 W. 26th St.,  Kansas City, Missouri will host the event on April 23-25, 2004.

Hotel Accommodations:  The Fairfield Inn, 3001 Main St., is within a short walking distance of the venue.  The special price for our event is $79/night for a single and $84/nite for double occupancy.  The price includes a continental breakfast; parking is free.  Please contact the hotel early for reservations as space is limited.

Tel:  816-931-5700 

Directions:   The Memorial, the Fairfield Inn and Union Station are all located immediately Southeast of the junction of Interstates 670 and 35.   From either interstate, take the Broadway Exit.  At Pershing Road, turn east and follow the signs for Union Station which is located at the corner of  Pershing Road and Main Street.   Turn South on Main for the Fairfield Inn.  The Liberty Memorial tower will on your right. 

Presentations and Activities:

Friday, April 23rd

7:00 am       Registration Desk Opens

8:30 am       Sal Compagno, President The Great War Society
Welcome and Opening

8:45 am       Bob Denison
Map Orientation to the Near East

9:00 am       David Jones
The Eastern Question and the Origins of World War I

10:00 am       Doran Cart
Welcome to the Liberty Memorial

10:30 am       Refreshment Break

11:00 am       Jack Tunstall
Middle East Battles and the European Theater

12 noon       Lunch Break
Join our speakers for a Chef's Box Lunch or visit local eateries

1:30 pm       Mustafa Aksakal
The Ottoman Decision to Enter the War

2:30 pm       Lt. Col. Eric Erickson
The Ottoman Army: An Effective Force

3:30 pm       Refreshment Break

4:00 pm       Jim Minnoch
The Mighty Baghdad Railway

5:00 pm       Doran Cart and Staff
Guided Tours of the Liberty Memorial

6:00 pm       Wine Reception

7:00 pm       Dinner
On your own at local restaurants

Saturday, April 24th

7:30 am       Registration Opens

8:30 am       Bob Denison
Gallipoli Map Presentation

8:45 am       Jack Tunstall
Gallipoli: The Real Story

9:30 am       George Gawyrch
Kemal Atatürk: The Making of a General

10:30 am       Refreshment Break

11:00 am       Margaret Lavinia Anderson
The Enemy is at Home: Turks & Armenians

12 noon       Lunch Break
Join our speakers for a Chef's Box Lunch or visit local eateries

1:00 pm       Michael Hanlon, Master of Ceremonies
Joint Commemoration - The Great War Society and The Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress: Honoring the Veterans of America's Wars
2:30 pm       Zoyd Luce
The Arab Perspective of World War I

3:30 pm       Refreshment Break

4:00 pm       Paul Helfer
Lawrence: Myth vs. Reality - A Search for Truth

5:00 pm       Free Time

6:00 pm       Wine Reception

7:00 pm       Banquet Opens
Guest Speaker: Randy Sowell, Archivist, Harry S. Truman Library
Harry S. Truman in World War I

Sunday, April 25th

7:30 am       Registration Opens

8:30 am       David Jones
Russia's Impact on the Middle East

9:00 am       Zoyd Luce
Operations in Persia - 1914-1918

9:30 am       Lt. Col Eric Erickson
Kut at Amara, 1916: An Encirclement Operation

10:30 am       Refreshment Break

11:00 am       George Gawyrch
T.E. Lawrence & the 27 Articles of Coalition Warfare

11:45 am       Bob Denison
Map Presentation: The Near East - Post World War I

12 noon       Sal Compagno
Formal Program Concludes

1:00 pm       Truman Library Tour
Depart from Liberty Memorial


Three Days:  $150

One Day:  $ 55 [$25 students]

·         Wine Reception

Friday Evening at the Museum: $25

·         Reception & Banquet

Saturday at the Museum: $50

·         Sit Down  Lunch With Speakers and Authors

Fri. & Sat. Only

Chef’s  box lunch [each day]:  $18

·         Tour of Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

Sunday Afternoon: $25 [Box Lunch Optional for Tour Participants: $12. Order at Registration Desk]

We're Heading to Kansas City!

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