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April 2003

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TRENCH REPORT I'll be manning the registration desk at our Seminar in San Francisco April 11-13 and I'll be travelling to the battlefields in France on April 24th. I look forward to meeting in person many of you who I have met only electronically so far. An FT-17 Renault Tank has turned up in Afghanistan and will be restored at the Geo Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor at Ft. Knox . . . A Retrospective of German Painter and War Vet Max Beckman's post World War I work has just opened in London at the Tate Modern where it will run until 5 May 2003. Afterwards it moves to Museum of Modern Art, New York: 25 June - 30 September 2003. . . Guy East and Nigel Sinclair's Spitfire Films has teamed up with "Band of Brothers" exec producer Tony To to develop an epic movie about WWI for Intermedia. "The Great War" (working title), to be scripted by Larry Ramin ("The Gathering Storm"), will follow the intersecting lives of four combatants through the last years of the conflict.

Mata Hari Awaits Her Fate

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It's time for another reading list. The Very Best of WWI Aviation Books:

Contact!: The Story of the Early Birds by Henry S. Villard
A Passion for Wings: Aviation and the Western Imagination by Robert Wohl
The Sky Beyond by Sir Gordon Taylor
Sagittarius Rising by Cecil Lewis
No Parachute by Arthur Stanley Gould Lee
Fighting the Flying Circus by Eddie Rickenbacker
The Great War in the Air: Military Aviation From 1909 to 1921 by John H. Morrow Jr.
The First Air War, 1914-1918 by Lee Kennett
The Sky on Fire: The First Battle of Britain 1917-1918 by Raymond H. Fredette
Hostile Skies: A Combat History of the American Air Service in World War I by James J. Hudson
The First Air War by Lee Kennett
Goshawk Squadron [F] by Derek Robinson
Knights of the Air by Time-Life Books

Memorable March Dates:
  • 04/06/18 American Declares War on Imperial Germany;
  • 04/09/17 Canadians Capture Vimy Ridge;
  • 04/09/18 2nd Ludendorff Peace Offensive Launched in Flanders;
  • 04/14/15 Turks Routed by Indo-Brit. Forces at Basra;
  • 04/14/20 German Reparations Set at $23 Billion
  • 04/16/17 Ill-fated Nivelle Offensive Launched;
  • 04/21/18 Richthofen Killed
  • 04/23/15 2nd Ypres Begins; First Gas on WF;
  • 04/23/18 Zeebrugge-Ostend Raids;
  • 04/25/15 First Landings at Gallipoli; Anzac Day;
  • 04/26/15 Italy & Allies Secretly Sign Treaty of London;
  • 04/29/17 Mutinies Begin in French Army

The top US Collegiate Ice Hockey Player each year is awarded the Hobey Baker Memorial Trophy. Hobart Baker, Princeton Class of '14, was one of the greatest all-around athletes of his era. As a Captain with the 141st Aero Squadron, he became one of the last men to die while on duty with the AEF. After the Armistice, Capt. Baker was testing aircraft at the Toul Aerodrome. Having just received his orders to return home, he decided one airplane needed an additional test flight. Capt. Baker did not return from that mission.

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Roses of Picardy

Music by Haydn Wood and lyrics by Frederick E. Weatherley, 1916


Sgt. Raymond T. Chandler

Gordon Highlanders of Canada

Co-Founder of the "Hard-Boiled"
School of Mystery Fiction

Edmonton Sun: Charles Reaper, who died in Winnipeg a week ago today, aged 103, was the last of the 20,000 young Canadians who "went over the top" at dawn on April 9, 1917 to attack Vimy Ridge, and by lunchtime had given the young nation its first grip on a fragile national identity. . . . Sydney Morning Herald: Eric Abraham, who remembered tending oil lamps in the days before electricity and who fought in World War I, died yesterday, one month short of his 105th birthday. His death on the day of the invasion of Iraq leaves only nine Australians of the 324,000 who served in World War I, once said to be "the war to end all wars".


WFA-USA 2003 Ypres Salient
Tour and Seminar

Tuesday 8 April - 16 April 2003
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Details at: (link)
Great War Society Seminar 2003

The French Army, 1914-1918

April 11-13, 2003;
San Francisco, California;
Cathedral Hill Hotel
Complete Program Now Available: (link)
WFA-USA East Coast Chapter Spring Seminar

War Memorial Building, Baltimore, Maryland, Saturday April 26, 2003
Watch for details: (link)
WFA Tennessee–Kentucky Chapter

Saturday June 14, 2003
The Indiana War Memorial
431 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN
The League of World War I Aviation Historians

Annual Meeting
September 10-11, 2003;
Dayton, Ohio;
US Air Force Museum

Great War Dawn Patrol Fly-In
September 12-14, 2003;
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio;
WFA-USA 2003 National Seminar

Quantico, Virginia,
US Marine Corps University,
September 19-21, 2003
Details: (link)
First Century of Flight

Celebrate Freedom Foundation
Columbia, South Carolina

WWI Aircraft Featured
5-9 November, 2003;
(email for info.)
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Beloved Minstrel Harry Lauder with His Son John, Later Lost in Action

In 1914, at the dawn of the modern era of world politics and of a 75-year war, the English poet Rupert Brooke expressed Europe's almost ecstatic welcoming of war. He thanked God for the chance to plunge into war's healthful adventure, "as swimmers into cleanness leaping." America's critics cannot truthfully charge that on Wednesday night [March 19, 2003] there was in America any trace of a similar delight in war.
      George Will

The following individuals are hereby thanked for their contributions to this issue of the Trip Wire: Alice Horner, Christina Holstein, Jim McIntosh and Tony Langley. The Aviation List drew on recommendations from The Smithsonian Air & Flight Magazine, Len Shurtleff, The USAF Chief of Staff Reading list with a few of my favorites. Until next month, your editor, Mike Hanlon.

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