A Contribution from GWS Member Roger Jones

South San Francisco, California
April 1999

In April of 1999, the Great War Society joined in a celebration of history at the South San Francisco Convention Center. The Society operated an informational booth, offered local World War I book dealers a place to display their wares and provided two of the main speakers at the convention, Palo Alto Chapter Chairman & Website Aviation Editor Noel Shirley and Website Editor & Membership Chairman Mike Hanlon. It was a glorious weekend hindered only by heavy storms in the Bay Area that weekend. I was able to take many photos over the weekend and I've displayed two groups here. The first is of the various displays the membership contributed for the event; the second is a selection of photos of the reenactment groups that were a major and exciting presence over the three day weekend.

Great War Society Informational Booth

Society Banner

A Poilu Meets
The Great War Society

TGWS Speakers

Speakers Mike Hanlon [L.] and Noel Shirley [R.} exude excitement before their presentations to the conference.

More Displays

Machine Guns

Weapon's Editor Jack Savage Wildman's machine guns these from the World War I reenactors were a popular draw all through the weekend.

Warriors Through the Ages

Roman Empire

Legionnares of Legio X

English Civil War

Roundhead Soldier

American Civil War

Confederate Officer

Spanish - American War

T.R. and his Rough Riders.

World War I

Two Jocks and a Poilu

World War II

British paratrooper.

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