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Edwin Bemis
29th Engineers
Father of GWS Mem.Lorie Bemis

Ed Vanderbosch
108th Infantry;
27th Division

Victor P. Rosasco, Sr.
310th Engineers, 85th Division
Father of GWS Mem. V. Rosasco

Four Buddies of the Rainbow Division's 116th Field Artillery
Clockwise from Upper Left: Robert Kerr, Thomas Harrison, Wood of South Carolina and Walsingham of Florida.

306th Infantry Band
77th Division
Otokar Vysehrad [Fnt Row, 3rd From L.] is G.Father
of GWS Member Rich Layh

Thomas J. "Teddy" Fleming
312th Infantry; 78th Div,
Father of WWI author Tom Fleming

Edwin Sievers, USN
5th Marine Regiment
One Time GWS Member

Charles O. Davis
353rd Inf; 89th Div.
Father of GWS Mem. C.O. Davis

Camiel Wyckhuys
Died from Spanish Influenza
310th Ammo Train; 85th Div.

Ray Walker (R)
Butchery Company 321, Quartermaster Corps, Paris District

Edwin and George Beach with Buddy Sol Segel
Edwin & Sol both USMC 6th MG Btln;
George 142nd Ambulance Company
Father & Uncle of GWS Mem. Jerry Beach

Leroy Arthur Dowd, USN
U.S.S. Dora

Kenneth Norman Rogers, Sr.
2nd Division
Father of GWS Mem. K.Rogers

Mario Ruconich
23rd Inf., 2nd Division, KIA 1 July 1918
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Largent Brothers
Howard (L) & Thomas (R)Units Unk.
Edward (C) 9th Inf; 2nd Div KIA July 18, 1918

Willis Cole
Mil. Police 6th Div; 1st Army
Father of GWS Mem. Willis Cole

Willie Green Watson
26th Inf. 1st Division

John Patton Reihley
108th Fld. Art.; 28th Div.

Charles Phelp Taft with his Father
Former President Taft

12th Field Art.; 2nd Div.

Forrest S. Holmes
155th Fld. Art.; 80th Div.
Father of GWS Mem. Forrest Holmes

Joseph John Paistupa
337th Fld. Hospital;
AEF Northern Russia

Floyd Vickaryasz [l.] and Friends
20th Engineers

William Sacra
7th Veterinary Hospital
Advanced Section SOS

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