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T.N. Dent
92nd "Buffalo Soldier" Div.
[Note Shoulder Patch]

Members of Company F
26th Infantry

Pvt. Sylvester Gajtkowski,
5th Division

Walter C. Rank
346th Field Art. Band
Died as Result of Gassing

Fred M. Davis
38th Inf., 3rd Div.

Rock of the Marne Survivor, POW,
Presidential Guard, Hotel Crillon

Frank Eichler
1897-2001, 5th Engineers

Cpl. James Greenlee
314th Inf., 79th Division

Einar Eklof
Farjestaden, Sweden

2nd Division

Gilbert Wright, USMC
Marine Brigade

Leo Anthony Miller
KIA, Juvigny, 29 Aug 1918
126th Inf, 32nd Div.

John Rudolph Webb [l.] and Crew
301st Tank Battlaion

Anthony Michael Michalski
165th Infantry, KIA

Sgt. William Jennings Wenz with his
Proud Parents Daniel and Emily

War Department Headquarters

Joseph Vrablic, Died in Service
104th FA; 27th Division

Nathan Hodosh
28th Division

Oscar A. Heller
305th Supply Train, 80th Div.

John Huskey(L) and Allen C. Huber
138th Inf., 35th Division

Pvt. Wm. Hellmers, 301st Inf.
Fought in France, Died 1919 from Disease

Sgt. Harry Black, 30th Inf., 3rd Division
Died 1929 due to Mustard Gassing

Sgt. Antonio Tranotti,
52nd Pioneer Inf.
Contributed by Grandaughter Carol Tranotti Callahan

Floyd Vickaryasz
20th Engineers

Pvt. Lionel Esselin, 6th Marines
KIA Belleau Wood, June 14, 1918

Arthur C. King
77th Division

Cornelius Bresnahan
30th Inf., 3rd Div.
Wounded in Rock of the Marne Incident; Contr.
by Gr.Daughter Pat Gately

Paul Jarrett
166th Inf. 42nd Div.

Wilhelm [23rd Inf.] was murdered after the war. Ludwig & Niels units unknown.

Patrick J. Fitzpatrick
711th Motor Transport Corps

Members of 3rd Division
On Their Way to Chow

Cpl. Jos. Callahan, 105th Inf., 27th Div.
Contributed by Jos. Callahan, Jr.

Pvt. Fred W. Gruel
Camp MacArthur at Armistice

Unidentified Doughboy
Probably with Services of Supply

Sgts. Peters & Hamlin
Tank Corps

Henry Johnson
369th Infantry
Awarded DSC 14 Feb 2003

Bert Heatley
First Aero Mechanics Regiment

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