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Wm. "Wild Bill" Donovan
165th Infantry

MG Merritte Ireland, MC
Chief Surgeon, AEF

Kenneth MacLeish, USN, KIA
Brother of American Poet Archibald MacLeish

Gene Tunney, USMC & Bob Martin
Lt.Heavy and Heavyweight Boxing Champions, AEF

Edward Steichen
Photographic Section
U.S. Air Service

Floyd Gibbons
War Correspondent

Christy Mathewson
Chemical Warfare Service
Died of Respiratory Problems
from Gassing

Sgt. Grover Cleveland Alexander
Field Artillery
Hall of Fame Baseball Pitcher

Sgt. Irving Berlin
Camp Upton, NY

Pilots of the 94th "Hat-in-the-Ring" Aero Squadron

Lt. George M. Patton,
Future Tank Corps
Training for 1912 Olympics

Lt.Col Robert McCormick
Field Artillery
Newspaper Publisher

Harold Ross
Stars and Stripes
Founder of New Yorker

Lt. Alan Winslow, 94th Aero Squadron
Downed First Enemy Aircraft for US Air Service

Seaman 2/c Humphrey Bogart
USS Leviathon
Film Star

The Future AEF Commander
With Future Adversary, 1914

Smedley Butler & Dan Daley
Double Medal of Honor Recipients

Edwin Blechley
Air Corps
Medal of Honor for
Lost Battalion Incident

Edwin Hubble
86th Division
Astronomer & Namesake
Hubble Telescope

Elsie Janis
Sweetheart of the AEF

Douglas MacArthur
42nd Rainbow Division
WWII & Korean War Commander

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