Members of the AEF:
Their Stories

First Hand Accounts • Memoirs • Profiles • Diaries • Letters

A Doughboy Officer and Sentry at St. Souplet, France

Experiencing War – WWI: The Great War
Selected Personal Stories from the Veterans History Project
The Library of Congress
World War I Medal of Honor Recipients
The U.S. Army Center for Military History

AEF Medical, Nursing, Veterinary Staff
Biographical Sketches
Kansas Univ. Medical Center
Stories of Service
Biographical Sketches
U.S. Centennial Commission

American Aces
Bios, Victory Lists, Awards
The Aerodrome
American Military Personnel of World War I
Individual Biographical Profiles

Arriving in France – Ready for Action

Last Names A-B
Benjamin Agler, Supply Train, 4th Division
Diary Excerpts
Kimball Worcester

Hervey Allen, 111th Infantry, 28th Division
Toward the Flame: A War Diary
The Internet Archive

Wilfred H. Allen, 108th Infantry, 27th Division
Diary & Photos
Dick Allen

Samuel Avery, 103rd Infantry, 26th Division
"Letters Home from a Yankee Doughboy"
Richard E. Landers, Editor

Weldon McCoy Barr, Ordnance Comp., Camp Bavoir
Diary, Letters, Photos
At Sheila's Corner

Roy E. Bailey, 166th Infantry, 42nd Division
At Marion's Own

Timothy L. Barber, MD, 313th Infantry, 79th Division (KIA)
Last Letter
American Battle Monuments Commission

Ted Beach, 121st Field Artillery, 32nd Division
Field Service Diary
Library of Congress

Hiram Bearss, USMC, 2nd & 26th Divisions
"Hiking Hiram on the Western Front"
George Clark

Thomas Hart Benton, USN
"Artist & Camoufleur"
U.S. Navy Art Collection

Humphrey Bogart, USN, USS Leviathan
Sailor to Movie Star
At Military.com

Charles Leo Boucher, 102nd Infantry, 26th Division
"Lucky Charlie"
Charles Merrill

Austin Dewitt "Dusty" Boyd, 166th Infantry, 42nd Division
Letters Home
Mark Boyd

C.A. Brannen, USMC, 6th Marines, 2nd Division
Wounded at Blanc Mont
From Over There: A Marine in the Great War

Heywood Broun, War Correspondent
The AEF – With General Pershing and the American Forces
Project Gutenberg

Chester Brown and Ernest C. Johnson. 102nd Field Artillery, 26th Division
Double Diary
Bob Ford

William Brown, 9th Infantry, 2nd Division
"Catching the Flu"
From The Adventures of an American Doughboy

Frank Buckles, 122nd Prisoner of War Escort Casualty Detachment
"The Last Doughboy"
Richard Rubin, Smithsonian Magazine

Nurse Helen Burrey, Base Hospital #27
"My Mother's War"
Rose Murphy

S.B. Butler, 301st Supply Train, 76th Division
AEF Scrapbook
The Butler Family

Doctors, Nurses, Corpsmen, and Patients at Evacuation Hospital #20

Last Names C-F
Marion Campbell, YMCA (KIA)
"Given a Soldier's Burial"

Mathew Chopin, 356th Infantry, 89th Division
"Through the Valley of Death"
Louisiana Doughboy

Norvel Clotfelter, 344th MG Battalion, 90th Division
Patriot Files

Benjamin Edgar Cruzan, 341st Field Artillery, 89th Division
A Soldier's Diary
The Kansas Collection

Fox Conner, Operations Chief, AEF
"Soldier, Mentor, Enigma"
Russ Stayanoff

Alfred A. Cunningham, Detached from USMC HQ
"Marine Flyer in France"
World War I Document Archive

Harvey Cushing, MD, Medical Corps
A Surgeon's Journal
The Internet Archive

Thomas Davis, 809th Pioneer Infantry
Interview with a Black Yankee
Trenches on the Web

Charles Dawes, Chief of Purchasing, AEF
"The Dawes-Pershing Relationships"
Nebraska State Historical Society

Ethel Carow Roosevelt Derby
"Nurse & Volunteer in Two World Wars"
Keith Muchowski

Wayne Desilivey, 28th Division
"A Bugler's Diary"
By the Editors

William J. Donovan: 165th Inf., 42nd Division, MOH
"From Fighting Irishman to Spy Master"
Raquel Hendrickson

Samuel Dreben, 36th Division
"Fighting Jew - Forgotten Hero"
Gerard Meister

Monk Eastman, 106th Infantry, 27th Division
"Gangster, Doughboy, Hero"
Mara Bovsun

Guy Edington, 56th Coastal Artillery Corps
"The Sounds of My Grandfather's Footsteps"
Joseph Hartwell

Clarence Ransom Edwards, Commander 26th Division
Biographical Sketch
Terrence Finnegan

Alan L. Eggers, 107th Machine Gun Company, 27th Division, MOH
Taking the Hindenburg Line
James Patton

Philip H. English, 102nd Infantry, 26th Division
WWI Diary
The New Haven Museum

James Reese Europe, Band Leader, 369th Inf.
"The Harlem Hellfighters Band"
From Proof Through the Night: Music and the Great War

Henry C. Evans, 6th Field Artillery, 1st Division
"Over There with the AEF"
Army University Press

Helen Fairchild, U.S. Army, Base Hospital 10 (KIA)
"My Aunt's Story"
Nelle Rote

Elmer Focke, 38th Infantry, 3rd Division
"Getting Wounded"

Crew of the Battleshpip USS Georgia

Last Names G-I
Mary Gavin, Base Hospital 42
"Searching for Great Aunt Mary"
Arlington National Cemetery

Floyd Gibbons, War Correspondent
"At Belleau Wood"
Trenches on the Web

Josesph J. Gleeson, 12th Field Artillery, 2nd Division
"A Soldier's Story: A Daily Account of World War I"
Library of Congress

William B. Greeley, 20th Engineers
"A Forester at War"
By the Editors

Clement A. Grobbel, 339th Infantry, AEF Northern Russia
"A Polar Bear's Correspondence"
Polar Bear Memorial Association

Robert R. Gustafson, 91st Division
"In the Argonne and Playing with Pershing's Band"
By the Editors

Albert Haas, 309th Infantry, 78th Division
"Three Memorable Days"
Margaret Haas

Johnson Hagood, Chief of Staff, Services of Supply
Memoir: Services of Supply
Internet Archive

George Hamilton, 5th Marines, 2nd Division
Biographical Profile
Robert Knight

Helen Scott Hay, American Red Cross
Biographical Profile
Carroll County Biographies

Dalton Hayes, 165th Infantry, 42nd Division
A President's Grandson with the Fighting 69th
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library

Dalton Hayes, 165th Infantry, 42nd Division
"A President's Grandson with the Fighting 69th"
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library

Oscar A. Heller, 305th Supply Train, 80th Division
"My Father and WWI"
Roger Heller

Paul B. Hendrickson, 129th Infantry, 33rd Division
Letters, Diary, Photos
Rice University

George Herring, 358th Infantry, 90th Division
"Glad I Was in It" by an Iowa Doughboy
Doughboy Center

Jimmy Higgs, 7th Balloon Company
"Attacked in the Air"
News Article

Robert Hoffman, 111th Infantry, 28th Division
"On Burial Detail"
Memoir: I Remember the Last War

Martin Hogan, 165th Infantry, 42nd Division
The Shamrock Battalion of the Rainbow
The Internet Archive

Kenneth A. Holcomb, USS Hilton
Diary and Photos
By the Editors

Harry Hoyman, 8th Infantry, AEF Siberia
"My Year in Siberia"
Alice Horner

Fritz Draper Hurd, 103rd Field Artillery, 26th Division
"Growing Up in the Trenches"
S. Marianne Johnson

David Sinton Ingalls, USN, British 213 Squadron
"The U.S Navy's First Air Ace"
The National Aviation Hall of Fame

Merritt Ireland, Chief Surgeon, AEF
Office of Medical History, U.S. Army
By the Editors

Edouard Izac, U.S. Navy, MOH
Prisoner of War & Medal of Honor Recipient
By the Editors

Pilot and Gunner from the 1st Aero Squadron

Last Names J-M
Elsie Janis, Entertainer
The Big Show
Internet Archive

Henry Johnson, 369th Infantry, MOH
Biographical Profile
The U.S. Army Center for Military History

Oleda Joure, Signal Corps
"History of a Hello Girl" Michelle Christides

Jacob Kahn, MD, 303rd Field Artillery, 76th Division
"A Doctor with the AEF and His Chicago Family" Ava F. Kahn

Buster Keaton, 159th Infantry, 40th Division
"My Career in the Rear"
International Buster Keaton Society

Arthur Kimber, American Field Service, 22nd Aero Squadron (KIA)
"The Service and Death of Lt. Kimber"
Patrick Gregory

Burton W. Knight, Field Hospital #104
At Entropy House

Ben Lacey, 113th Field Artillery, 30th Division
North Carolina Archives

Frank L. Lahm, Air Service, HQ 2nd Army
WWI Diary
Air University

Levi Lamb, 9th Infantry 2nd Division (KIA)
"Penn Stater at War"
By the Editors

Fran Last, 18th Infantry 1st Division (POW)
My Uncles' Diary
Rick Riehl

Lt. General Hunter Liggett, Commander First Army
"Command in the AEF"
Michael E. Bigelow

Thomas Lindlholtz, 55th Infantry, 7th Division
Diary and Photos
By the Editors

William A. Livergood, 318th Infantry, 80th Division
"A Tale of Soldier"
Larry R. Kephart

William "Chink" Lowe, USMC, 90th Aero Squadron
Volunteer Warrior
At Leatherneck.com

Raoul Lufbery, Lafayette Escadrille and 94th Aero Squadron
Biographical Profile
By the Editors

Frank Luke, 27th Aero Squadron, MOH
"The Balloon Buster"
The Aviation Hall of Fame

Emmett Lunsford, 31st Infantry, AEF Siberia
"Fighting Cherokee in Frozen Siberia"
Roots Web

Douglas MacArthur, 42nd Division & George Patton, Tank Corps
"At the St. Mihiel Offensive"
Kevin Hymel

John McClintock, 101st Infantry, 26th Division
Diary Notes
Unidentified Source

Peyton C. March, Army Chief of Staff
"Our Greatest Unsung General of the War"
E.M. Coffman

George C. Marshall, HQ First Army
"A Most Efficient Officer In Every Respect"
Blaine A. Horton

George C. Marshall, HQ First Army
WWI Memoirs
The Marshall Foundation

Billy Mitchell, First Army Air Service
"Billy Mitchell Reconsidered"
James J. Cooke

Billy Mitchell, First Army Air Service
Published and Unpublished Writings
Johnny R. Jones

T.C. Montgomery, AEF Paris
Letters from The Front (1917 1920)
Monty at War

Guy R. Moore, Base Hospital #85
The Chronicles of Oklahoma

Septimus Vaughn Moseley, 82nd Division
Letter: "Wounded in the Argonne"
James Boatwright

Henry Muenzel, 26th Division
"Finding Uncle Henry and Nurse Josephine Finch, Too"
Betty Watts

James Naismith, YMCA Volunteer
Service in France"
James Patton

During a Lull in the Second Battle of the Marne
U.S. (28th Division) and Italian Army Troops Visit

Last Names N-R
Dennis Nolan, GHQ AEF
"Father of American Military Intelligence"
James J. Cooke

Joseph Oklahombi, 141st Infantry, 36th Division
Choctaw, Doughboy & Mighty Warrior By the Editors

Sam "Zalmon" Reuben Orlowsky, 319th Field Artillery, 82nd Division
Janice Sellers

Ollie O. Olive, 116th Infantry, 29th Division (KIA)
Remembering a Veteran
Glenn Hyatt

Weedon Osborne, USN, 6th Marines, MOH (KIA)
"Extraordinary Bravery"
Naval History and Heritage Command

John Henry "Machine Gun" Parker, Commander 102nd Infantry, 26th Division
Biographical Sketch
Terrence Finnegan

Mason Patrick, Chief of Air Service
Biographical Profile
The Great War Society

John J. Pershing, Commander AEF
Career Fact Sheet
The Army Times

John J. Pershing, Commander AEF
"Anatomy of Leadership"
Frank E. Vandiver

John J. Pershing, Commander AEF
"The Character of John J. Pershing"
Gene Smith

Floyd Pfost, 31st Infantry, AEF Siberia
Letter Home
Luann Pfost

Fred Pickering, 313th Engineers, 88th Division
"Civilian Life to Army Life"
History Nebraska

James Elmer Pierson, 313th Infantry, 79th Division
"Battle in the Argonne"
Mike Pierson

Horace Pippen, 369th Infantry
"A Doughboy Artist's Memories of War"
Slide Show by the Editors

Frederick A. Pottle, Evacuation Hospital #8
"Stretchers: Story of a Hospital Unit on the Western Front"
The World War I Document Archive

Joseph Hyde Pratt, 105th Engineers
WWI Diary
North Carolina Digital Archives

Willard B. Prince, HQ 5th Division
"Story of a WWI Mapmaker
The Philip Lee Phillips Map Society

Clyde Earl Reynolds, 27th Infantry, AEF Siberia
The Wolfhounds

Marion McCune Rice, American Red Cross
Photos, Brief Profile
Vermont History

Clarence Richmond, USMC, 5th Marines 2nd Division
"Recollections of a Buck Private"
Robin Richmond

Eddie Rickenbacker, 94th Aero Squadron, MOH
Fighting the Flying Circus
The War Times Journal

Eddie Rickenbacker, 94th Aero Squadron, MOH
New York Times

Kiffin Rockwell, Lafayette Escadrille (KIA)
Biographical Profile
North Carolina Museum of History

President Theodore Roosevelt
"His Family in the Great War"
Edward Renehan

Quentin Roosevelt, 95th Aero Squadron (KIA)
"His Death"
Keith Muchowski

"Harold Ross & the Staff of Stars and Stripes"
Excerpt from The Stars and Stripes
Alfred E. Cornebise

William Muir Russell, 95th Aero Squadron (KIA)
Letters: "Learning to Fly in the AEF
John Wheat

Mission Accomplished: Doughboys Homeward Bound

Last Names S-Z
Frank Savicki, 28th Division
First Doughboy Prisoner of War to Escape
Diane B. Rooney

Arthur W. Scherr, 107th Signal Battalion, 32nd Division
Scherr Family

William J. Schira, Base Hospital #53
The World War I Document Archive

William Hood Simpson, 33rd Division
"From Doughboy to Army Commander"
Army History

William Shemin, 47th Infantry, 4th Division, MOH
Biographical Profile
U.S. Army Center for Military History

Lt. Philip Shoemaker, 107th MG Battalion, 28th Division
"Letter from a Wounded Soldier"
The Internet Archive

Morell Smith, 306th Infantry, 77th Division (KIA)
Slide Show
Newton Historic Association

Paul Smithhisler, 112th Engineers, 37th Division
"First to Breach the Escaut River"
Joe Smithhisler

Carl "Tooey" Spaatz, Commander 31st Aero Squadron
WWI Service Summary
By the Editors

Edward Steichen, Photographic Section, U.S. Air Service
Brief Bio & Aerial Photos
U.S. Army Signal Corps

Joseph Stillwell, HQ 4th Corps
1918 Diary
Hoover Institution

Edward I. Tinkham, American Field Service, US Navy Air Service (KIA)
"Volunteer, Camion Driver, Naval Aviator"
James Patton

Harry S. Truman, 129th Field Artillery, 35th Division
"President Truman's Military Service"
Truman Presidential Library

Harry S. Truman, 129th Field Artillery, 35th Division
"Truman & Battery D"
D.M. Giangreco

Harry S. Truman, 129th Field Artillery, 35th Division
"The Influences of His Service in World War I"
Harry S Truman National Historic Site

Gordon Van Kleeck, 51st Pioneer Infantry
War Journal
Roxy Triebel

George Vaughn, RAF 84 Sq., 17th Aero Sq.
"Ace from Brooklyn"
Gathering of Eagles Foundation

Martin Verhage, 354th Infantry, 89th Division
"In Grandpa Martin's Footsteps"
Verhage Family

Alan Waite, 372nd Infantry (KIA)
A Death in Champagne
Rolfe Hillman, III

William Wellman, Lafayette Flying Corps
Biographical Profile
Andrew Melomet

Eugene West, 5th Marines, 2nd Division
Letters and Photos
Marydith West Beeman

Robert D. West, 140th Infantry, 35th Division
"Minnesota Doughboy"
John West, Jr.

Herbert H. White, 89th Division
World War I Document Archive

Arnold Whitridge, I Corps, Field Artillery
"In Two Armies in Two Wars"
Keith Muchowski

Charles Whittlesey, 308th Inf., 77th Division, MOH
"Lost Battalion Leader"
By the Editors

Lloyd Williams, 5th Marines, 2nd Division, (KIA)
"Retreat, Hell!"
American Legion

Hunter Wickersham, 353rd Infantry, 89th Division, MOH (KIA)
"Rain on Your Old Tin Hat"
Connie Ruzich

Sam Woodfill, 60th Infantry, 5th Division, MOH
"Pershing's Outstanding Doughboy"
Together We Served

Ernest L. Wrentmore, 60th Infantry, 5th Division)
"The Youngest Doughboy"
Arlington National Cemetery

Alvin York, 328th Infantry, 82nd Division, MOH
Biographical Profile
Michael Birdwell

Alvin York, 328th Infantry, 82nd Division, MOH
Alvin C. York Institute

Louis Ziegra, 102nd Infantry, 26th Division
"One of the Bravest Men They Had Ever Seen"
Terrence Finnegan

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