MG Fox Conner, Operations Chief (G-3), AEF
By Russ Stayanoff

     William J. Donovan: From Fighting Irishman to Spy Master
By Raquel Hendrickson

     James Reese Europe
And the Harlem Hellfighters Band

     Buster Keaton, 159th Infantry
My Career at the Rear

     Lt. General Hunter Liggett: Command in the AEF
By Michael E. Bigelow

Frank Luke: Balloon Buster
From the Aviation Hall of Fame

     MacArthur and Patton: The St. Mihiel Offensive
At the US Army Historical Foundation

     Peyton C. March: Our Greatest Unsung General
By E.M. Coffman

     George C. Marshall in World War I by Blaine A. Horton
Award Winning Essay

Billy Mitchell: Aviation Pioneer
Outstanding On-Line Resources Covering the AEF's Best Known Aviator

     BG Dennis Nolan: Father of American Military Intelligence
From Professor James J. Cooke

     Joseph Oklahombi
Choctaw, Doughboy & Mighty Warrior

     John J. Pershing - Career Fact Sheet

     Pershing: Anatomy of Leadership
From his Biographer Dr. Frank E. Vandiver

     The Character of John J. Pershing
A Selection from Gene Smith's Biography

     A Black Doughboy Artist's Memories of War: Cpl. Horace Pippen, 369th Inf.
At Roads to the Great War

Obituary of Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, Ace
Partly Critical Evaluation of His Full Career

     Theodore Roosevelt's Family in the Great War
A Selection from Ed Renehan's The Lions Pride...

     Harold Ross & the Staff of Stars and Stripes
Alexander Woollcott, Grantland Rice and Others

     Frank Savicki: First Doughboy Prisoner to Escape
By Diane B. Rooney

    Capt. Harry Truman
Artilleryman and Future President

     Capt. Harry Truman & Battery D, 129th Field Artillery
By D.M. Giangreco

     George Vaughn: Ace from Brooklyn

     Charles Whittlesey - Lost Battalion Leader
Biographical Sketch

     Sam Woodfill - Marksman & Pershing Favorite
Analyzing the Accomplishment of Medal of Honor Recipient

     Sgt. Alvin York
By Dr. Michael Birdwell


In Their Own Words
The AEF Experience: First Hand Accounts

Biographies & First Hand Accounts
Under Redesign But Active

Notable Contributors to Americn Life Who Served in the Great War

Stories from the Veterans History Project
Individual Accounts from the Library of Congress

American Aces of WWI
At The Aerodrome

Medal of Honor Recipients in the Meuse Argonne
From Jeffrey Aarnio of the ABMC

Statistics on AEF Decorations
From the US Army CMH

The Brass
Commanders and Key Leaders of the AEF

The French View
from Vie Parisienne

Pershing's 100
The Initial Listing of Doughboy Achievements Prepared by GHQ

America and the Akins Family Lose a Son
Documenting the Death of a Doughboy

   Genealogical Resources on Members of the AEF
From the World War I Historical Association

Doughboy Photo Album

Sgt. Ralph Cline
64th Infantry, 7th Division
Subject of Wyeth's THE PATRIOT
Photo by Mary T. Waterman

Siberian Duty Memories Linger On
Three Veterans of Freeport, Illinois Look Back

Twenty Surprising Doughboys
Famous Americans You Might Not Have Known Served in the War

Battle Streamer

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