Asiago 1916
Two Contemporary Views of a Forgotten Battle
Austria's First Great Offensive on the Italian Front

Monte Grappa
Italy's Thermopylae
At the Great War Society's Legends & Traditions Site

Touched by War:
The Four Rocconi Brothers
From their Great-Nephew Renzo Rocconi

The Allies Post-Caporetto Support of Italy
Excerpted From Francis Mackay's Touring the Italian Front

Caporetto: A Fresh Look
Contributed by John Farina

Italian Political and Military Mobilization
Contributed by Paolo Morisi

An Aspiring Pilot Aviator In The Italian Air Force
From the Memoirs of Lt. Camillo Viglino

The Arditi by John Farina

The Eleven Battles of the Isonzo

Cesare Battisti:
Italian Patriot, Hero, Martyr
by Co-Editor Leo Benedetti

Vera Brittain's Pilgrimage
Excerpted From Francis Mackay's Asiago

The Death of Austrian Hero Sepp Innerkofler
By Contributor Richard Galli

The Battle of Ortigara: June 1917
By Richard Galli

Avalanche !
Mountaineer Richard Galli Discusses the Unique Killer of the Italian Front

Caporetto Odyssey
Co-Editor Leo Benedetti's Story of His Father Virgilio Before, During and After the Great Battle

Doughboys in Italy !
The American Presence on the Italian Front

      Notable Aviators of
The Italian Front
Not just the Aces

A Virtual Tour of the Italian Front
Major Articles on the Battlefields, Cities, Geography and Memorials of the Italian Front. Many more articles planned.
Recent Additions:
  • Gorizia
  • The Carso

The Geography of the Italian Front
Tour the Varied Battlefields of the Front Via Our Slide Show

Battle Casualties on the Italian Front
Compiled by Richard Galli

Faces of War
Photos of Individuals Who Served on the Italian Front: Notables and Unknowns; Privates and Generals; Heroes and Villains

Weapons, Equipment, Uniforms Unique to the Italian Front
Part I: Italian Forces
By Co-Editor Leo Benedetti Benedetti

Links to Italian Front Websites
Expanded 10 October 2002

Why Study the Italian Front?
The Editors' Intentions and Philosophy

Chronology of Diplomacy and Operations on the Italian Front

Contributions Needed

The Great War Society is currently gathering material for La Grande Guerra. If you have any material in the following categories you would like to contribute, please contact us at one of the email addresses at the bottom of the page.

        Articles, brief summaries or interesting facts about military operations, tactics, mountain and river military engineering methods, weapons, equipment and uniforms particular to the Italian Front.

        First hand accounts by soldiers of all forces: Austro-Hungarian [all nationalities], German, Italian, British, French and American.

        Information and insights on Italy's decision to enter the war on the Allied side.

        Impact of Italian Front operations on the overall military situation from 1915 to the Armistice.

        The immediate results of the war's conclusion and long-term effect on the principal participants.

        Images from the period, of individual participants [then and later], and the battlefields today.

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