Palladio's Bridge at Bassano
Used to Send Reenforcements to Mte. Grappa,
Looming in Background

                           1 9 1 5
Austrian Mountain Troops Evacuate Their Wounded

26 April

Treaty of London Concluded

23 May

Italy Enters War

24 May

First Shots Fired By Fort Verena in Trentino Fortress Zone

Late May

A-H Naval Raids Sink 14 Italian Merchantmen off of Albania


Limited Opening Italian Offensive to Seize More Defensible Positions

23 June

1st Battle of the Isonzo Begins
Ends: 7 July

18 July

2nd Battle of the Isonzo Begins
Ends: 3 August

18 October

3rd Battle of the Isonzo Begins
Ends: 3 November

18 November

4th Battle of the Isonzo Begins
Ends: 2 December

                            1 9 1 6
Primitive Italian Gas Mask


Ferocious Fighting on Marmolada Glacier; 10,000 on both Sides Die in Avalanches Throughout the Alps

16 January

Italian Troops Capture Oslavia NW of Gorizia

9 March

5th Battle of the Isonzo Begins
Ends: 17 March


Mines Blow Peak off of Col di Lana in Grande Strada Region

11 April

Italian Skiatori Troops Capture Peak of Adamello

10 May

Battle of Asiago - A-H Offensive in Trentino Begins
Ends: 9 July

3 June

Asiago Front Stabilizes after Initial Austro-Hungarian Advances

2 August

Austrian Saboteurs Sink Battleship Leonardo DiVinci at Taranto

6 August

6th Battle of the Isonzo Begins
Ends: 17 August

9 August

Gorizia Captured

29 August

Italy Declares War on Germany

14 September

7th Battle of the Isonzo Begins
Ends: 17 September

18 October

8th Battle of the Isonzo Begins
Ends: 22 October

1 November

9th Battle of the Isonzo Begins
Ends: 4 November

16 November

Construction Begins on Monte Grappa Bastion

                           1 9 1 7
Retreat from Caporetto


10 May

Italian Forces Recapture Mte Corno di Vallarsa, NW of Mte Pasubio

12 May

10th Battle of the Isonzo Begins
Ends: 8 June


Extensive Mining Operations in Grande Strada Region

10 June

Battle of Ortigara Begins; Alpini Brigade Decimated
Ends: 19 June

17 August

11th Battle of the Isonzo Begins
Ends: 12 September

24 October

Battle of Caporetto Begins; Massive Italian Collapse
Ends: 12 November

26 October

Capture of Mte Maggiore by Central Powers Forces Withdrawal to Tagliamento River

1 November

Tagliamento Line Untenable; Retreat to Piave Begins
Ends: 9 November

5 November

Rapallo Conference: Allied Effort to be Coordinated; French, British and American Forces to be Sent to Italy

9 November

General Diaz Succeeds Cadorna as Italian Commander-in-Chief

Late Nov-December

Mte Grappa Becomes Hinge of Italian Defense; Desperate Fighting Nearby

10 December

Italian Motor Torpedo Boat Sinks A-H Battleship Wien Near Trieste

                           1 9 1 8
Early Anti-Aircraft Weapon of Austro-Hungarian Army

18 January

President Wilson States Fourteen Points Supporting Italian Territorial Claims

13 March

Mte Pasubio Secured by Italian Army with Largest Mining Operation of the War

10 June

A-H Assault on Oranto Mine Barrage Turns to Disaster as Italian Torpedo Boats sink Battleship Szent Istvan

15 June

Austro-Hungarian Offensive Along Piave Line Begins

22 June

Austrian General Conrad von Holtzendorff Dismissed with Failure of Piave Offensive

23 October

Final Italian Offensive Begins in Trentino with Help of British and French Troops


Hungarian Troops Mutiny in Trentino

24 October

Advance from Piave Line Begins One Year after Caporetto

29 October

Italian Victory at Vittorio Veneto;
A-H Abandons Asiago Plateau

1 November

Pursuit Continues to Tagliamento and the Trentino

1 November

A-H Battleship Viribus Unitis Sunk with Limpet Mine at Pola

2 November

US Troops Fight in Only Action in Italian Front at Codroipo

3 November

Armistice Negotiated at Padua

4 November

Armistice Takes Effect

                           1 9 1 9
Alipini Memorial
Trento, Italy

18 January

Start of Paris Peace Conference

28 June

Versailles Treaty Signed

10 September

Treaty of St. Germain

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