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TREATY OF LONDON April 26, 1915
The ignoble 'deal' that triggered war on the Italian Front.

Italian Premier Antonio Salandra's Declaration for the Allies
From the World War I Document Archive.

Kobarid [Caporetto] Museum
Won award as Europe's best new museum in 1993.

Altipiani in Guerra: 1914-1918
Great Photos of Fortress Zone

War on the Asiago Plateau

Paths of Peace: Austrian Museum of 1915-1918
Focuses on Mountain Warfare.

Società Storica per la Guerra Bianca
(White War Historical Society)

The Cannon of the Adamello

Area Falzarego Lagazuoi
Mountain warfare in the Cortina Area

Der Gebirgskrieg in den Dolomiten
German language site covering mountain warfare; great photos

Valle del Vanoi During the War

La Grande Guerra
Focuses on the 'White War'.

German Reenactors Visit the Dolomites
Beautiful Photos of the Mountaintop Battlefields

Album Fotografico Antico
Outstanding photos from the Italian Front and a special feature on Cesare Battisti.

Photos from the Isonzo Front
Outstanding photos from a Slovenian website.

La Grande Guerra
Italian Language Site.

Visiting the Italian Front
From the Unfortunate Region website

Monte Grappa
History and Tourist Information

Ars Cartae
Maps and Fortifications from the Italian Front

Austro-Italian Naval Race
From the outstanding Trenches on the Web site.

World War I in the Adriatic
Several articles from the Maritime History Website site.

World War I in the Adriatic
A Second Site on the Subject.

The Austro-Hungarian fleet - Gallery

Italy's MAS Torpedo Boats
by Barry Taylor for Military History Magazine

On the Edge of the Great War: Italian Combined [Aero-Naval] Operations in the Adriatic, 1915-18
From the The Chandelle aviation history website.

Turin Aeronautica Museo
This is the national aviation museum of Italy.

Italian Aces
From the award winning Aerodrome website.

Austro-Hungarian Aces
From the award winning Aerodrome website.

After Caporetto: William Barker & the Italian Expeditionary Force
From the The Chandelle aviation history website.

D'Annunzio's Flight Over Vienna

Austro-Hungarian Army

The Imperial and Royal Aviation Troops of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Austro Hungarian Land Forces
From Norm Jewison and Joerg Steiner; includes excellent biographies of key commanders below

Franz Graf Conrad von Hötzendorf

Svetozar Boroevic von Bojna

Viktor Graf Dankl von Krasnik

Tiroler Kaiserjagerbund

Austro-Hungarian Aircraft
Information on Aces, Too

The Hapsburgs

Johann Iskric - Hero of the First World War
Tribute to Slovenia Soldier; with English Translation; great photos.

Cesare Battisti
Focuses on the Battisti's Execution

The Aviatik D.I
First wholly Austro-Hungarian designed fighter; from Over the Front.

Medals of Austria-Hungary
From the award winning WWI Documents Archive.

The Royal House of Savoy

Italy & the World War by Thomas Nelson Page, 1920
At the University of Kansas Website.

Italian Uniforms of the World Wars
Presented in Italian by Gianni Rapetti.

Italian Medals of WWI
Beautiful illustrations.

Italian War Poetry
Features Giuseppe Ungaretti and Eugenio Montale

The Origins of Fascism

BBC Special Feature on Fascism in Italy

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