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Gabriele D'Annunzio [1863-1938] was one of the most colorful and controversial personalities of the Great War. The Pescara-born literary innovator moved to Rome in 1881 and quickly became distinguished as a poet, novelist, dramatist and librettist. In 1914 he became a vocal activist for Italy's entrance on the Entente side. After war was declared, he was active as foot soldier, sailor and aviator all over the Italian Front. His daring missions to Triest, Pola, and especially his August 1918 propaganda flight over Vienna, became part of the Italian war heritage. Afterwards, he would lead an illegal occupation of the Dalmation port of Fiume and would be an early proponent of Fascism.

His career, especially his participation in the First World War , is commemorated at a museum he planned in detail called the Vittoriale adjacent to his home at Gardone Riviera on the southwest corner of Lake Garda. Here is a selection of images from the compound:

D'Annunzio's Home and Burial Plot

View of Lake Garda from the Vittoriale Theatre

Tribute to Italy's Stand on the Piave River Constructed from Original Piave Bridge Pylons
D'Annunzio's MAS Torpedo Patrol Boat

Sources and Thanks: The images were found on the Fondazione Vittoriale website.

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