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Policy on Assisting Students and Researchers

The Great War Society is happy to lend assistance to students and researchers. We will point you to the best sources on your area of interest or project. Sometimes this will not be exactly on-point for you. It might just be a work with a good bibliography on your subject where you will have to first find the book with the bibliography and then whatever books you need from its list of sources. We will not, however, do your research, complete your homework assignment or play trivial pursuit for you. For brand new students of the Great War, the single best thing you can do for a "jump start" is to read the article on World War I in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Next, start on the reading lists we offer.


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Contacting Us

The Great War Society encourages study, research and discussion of all topics related to the events of 1914 - 1918 ranging from personal experiences of combat to the Russian Revolution to the Spanish Influenza Pandemic, and so forth, in an unlimited scope. We are also always seeking fresh material for our site. If you discover something you think may be of interest to our readers, or seek the sort of help discussed here, contact me and we can correspond.

Mike Hanlon, Editor

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