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Short, Walter
Training Section, HQ AEF

Possibly the outstanding training officer of the AEF, Short established schools for machine-gunners and served as training officer for the occupation forces of the 3rd Army. Later he would command the Army forces in Hawaii during the Pearl Harbor disaster.


Simpson, William
33rd Division

Distinguished himself as Asst. Chief of Staff of the active 33rd Division. In WWII commanded Ninth Army that participated in the Rhine Crossing in Europe and was to be moved to the Pacific Theatre for the invasion of Japan.


Smith, Laura Frost
Evacuation Hospital #5

Laura Frost went to France with the many of the staff of her stateside hospital in 1918. She was then transferred to a field hospital which operated on thousands of cases just behind the battlefield. On July 9, 1997 Laura celebrated her 104th birthday at her home in Los Gatos, California and passed away shortly afterwards. She is thought to be the longest surviving nurse from the AEF.

Smith, Truman
4th Inf., 3rd Division

Yale graduate and National Guardsman [later Regular Army] who served with distinction on the Mexican Border deployment and at the River Marne in July 1918. Became center of a controversy in the interwar period. As military attache in Berlin in 1930s, knowing nothing about airpower, he had the idea of inviting Charles Lindbergh into to evaluate the Lufwaffe's aircraft. The Nazis seized on this as a public relations coup and Smith was blamed. General Marshall as Chief of Staff, understood what happened and continued to draw on his knowledge of Germany.


Smith, Walter Bedell
39th Infantry, 4th Division

Eisenhower's Chief of Staff in the Second World War was a reserve officer wounded by shrapnel in the Aisne-Marne Offensive. After recuperating he was assigned to another unit but did not make it back to combat. His achievements, though, earned Smith a regular commission and started him on a metoric rise that would culminate in his being named the first director of the CIA.


Stallings, Laurence
4th Marine Brig; 2nd Division

Marine officer who lost his leg due to wounds received at Belleau Wood. Subsequently co-wrote a hit play - What Price Glory -, scripted a classic silent film - The Big Parade-, and composed a best selling history - The Doughboys -- all based on his World War I experiences.


Stark, Harold
Destroyer Flotilla, Gibralta

A future Chief of Naval Operations, Lt. Commander Stark commanded a flotilla of old destroyers transferred from the Philippines to Gibralta, a journey of 12,000 miles.


Steichen, Edward
Photographic Section,
US Air Service

Already a renowned photographer before the war, Steichen established quality photography in US aerial reconnaisance as chief of the Air Service's photographic section. Later, set the standard for magazine photography in 20th century; also did memorable photography in WWII.


Stilwell, Joseph
IV Corps HQ

Combat intelligence officer; DSM for work on St Mihiel operation; later controversial commander of Chinese Theatre in WWII.


Stimson, Julia
Red Cross Nursing Corps

The Head Nurse for the American Red Cross in France was the niece of of former and future Secretary of War Henry Stimson who also served in France. Awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by General Pershing.


Stimson, Henry
31st and 305th Fld. Artillery

Had been Secretary of War for Taft. At age 50 enlisted for the duration. Later Secretary of State under Hoover and Secretary for War in FDR's administration.


Katherine Stinson Otero

Stinson-Otero, Katherine
Red Cross

Katherine Stinson was a pioneer aviatrix and aircraft designer who taught many early military aviators to fly. When war came she was refused any assignment in aviation. Frustrated by the War Department, she joined the Red Cross as an ambulance driver and served on the Western Front. There she contracted influenza and was given a hospital bed in a military hospital by a soldier from New Mexico named Otero who she would one day marry. Unfortunately, she also was infected with TB while she was ill from the flu. Katherine was never able to fly again, but after a long recuperation, she married her Doughboy and became an award winning architect.


Stowers, Freddie
371th Infantry Regiment

Member of Negro infantry regiment that fought under French command. Became, in 1991, the latest Doughboy to be awarded the Medal of Honor. "Corporal Stowers showed distinguished bravery and leadership as the mortally wounded leader of a squad that captured two lines of machine guns on September 28, 1918 in the Champagne."


MG Charles Summerall

Summerall, Charles P.
1st Division / V Corps

As a division and corps commander, Summerall was an innovator with modern artillery. He is credited with laying the ground work for the outstanding American field artillery of the Second World War. Under his leadership, V Corps broke the back of German resistance west of the Meuse in early November 1918. Later succeeded Pershing as the Army's Chief of Staff.


William Thaw

Thaw, William
Lafayette Escadrille / 103rd Aero Squadron

Outstanding aviator who helped organize Lafayette Escadrille and transferred to US Service.


Thomason, John W. Jr.
4th Marine Brig., 2nd Division

Career Marine who wrote a Marine Corps classic inclusive of events in the Great War called, FIX BAYONETS. He was also a skilled illustrator.


Thorpe, Elliott R.
US Army, Unit Unknown

Intelligence expert assigned to the U.S. negotiating group at the Paris Peace Conference as a young Lt. In World War II, he was MacArthur's counter-intelligence chief in the Philippines and during the occupation of Japan. He is believed to be the only individual present at the signing of the Versailles Treaty, June 28, 1919 and at the signing of the Instrument of Surrender on the USS Missouri, September 2, 1945.


Truman Harry S.
129th Field Artillery, 35th division

Story is well known. HST commanded an artillery battery in Great War and later presided over end of WWII and the beginning of nuclear age after becoming US President in 1945. His unit, Battery D, did not have a man killed in action despite its heavy service.

Tunney, Gene
USMC, Unit Unknown

Little is known about Tunney's combat record but he did win the Lt Heavyweight boxing championship of AEF and of the Inter-Allied games of 1919. Became World Heavyweight champion, twice defeating Jack Dempsey.


James Van Fleet

Van Fleet, James A.
17th Machine Gun Btln; 6th Division

Commanded his MG battalion as Captain in the Meuse-Argonne. Became one of America's greatest soldiers: commanded 8th Rgt at Utah Beach on D-Day; the 90th Division in the Battle of the Bulge; and US ground forces in Greece and Korea.


Wainwright, Jonathan
HQ 82nd Division

Worked divisional staff and won DSM as the 82nd Division supported the rescue of the Lost Battalion in the same action in which Sgt. York won the Medal of Honor. Later surrendered Philippines to Japanese, POW 1942-45, but was given position of honor at surrender ceremony by General MacArthur.

Wallace, DeWitt
139th Infantry, 35th Division

While recuperating from his battle wounds, Wallace developed skills at selecting interesting magazine article and abridging them. In 1922 with his wife founded world's most popular magazine, READERS DIGEST.


Weeks, Edward
US Ambulance Corps

The long time editor of Atlantic Magazine received the Croix de Guerre for his work while assigned to the French 37th Division during the Aisne/Marne Counter-Offensive.


Wellman, William
Lafayette Flying Corps / US Air Service

Aviator who became Hollywood director; won first best picture Academy Award for World War One film "Wings".


Weyerhauser, Frederick
US Army Flying Service, Italy

Heir to the lumber fortune, Weyerhauser was in the first group of eighteen Americans led by Fiorello La Guardia to be trained to fly Caproni Bombers by the Italian Air Service. He completed over a score of missions and was awarded Italy's Croix de Guerra. He wrote an excellent memoir, WAR EXPERIENCES - 1917-18, that was excerpted in the Winter 1982 CROSS AND COCKADE. Became CEO and Chairman of Weyerhauser.


White, Paul Dudley
Brit & US Medical Corps / Red Cross

Established cardiologist who joined British Army in 1916 and later switched to AEF. Later served with Red Cross in Macedonia. Became leading advocate of preventive medicine. Gained fame as President Eisenhower's physician after Ike's 1955 heart attack.

Whittlesey, Charles
308th Infantry, 77th Division

New York lawyer who won Medal of Honor for leading "Lost Battalion" out of Argonne Forest. Later committed suicide apparently despondent over the incident. Visit our major article: Charles Whittlesey - Lost Battalion Leader.

Wickersham, Hunter J.
353rd Infantry, 89th Division

Second Lieutenant Wickersham composed the popular Doughboy poem "The Raindrops On Your Old Tin Hat" the night before he went over the top at St. Mihiel. He was killed in action the next day while earning the Medal of Honor. His poem was posthumously published in CAPT. BILLY'S WHIZ-BANG.


Williams, Lloyd
5th Marines, 2nd Division

Capt. Williams made the most famous and memorable comment by any member of the AEF as his unit approached Belleau Wood: "Retreat hell; we just got here." Capt. Williams did not survive the war.]


Winslow, Alan
94th Aero Squadron

In April 1918 Lt. Winslow was credited with downing the first enemy aircraft destroyed in action by the US Air Service. He was accompanied on the mission by Lt. Douglas Campbell would would also down a German aircraft and who would become the first Ace of the US Air Service. In July, Alan Winslow was downed in action, captured and lost an arm.


Wiser, Guy Brown
20th Aero Squadron

DH-4 bomber pilot who was shot down and incarcerated in September 1918. Possibly because the war was coming to a close, the Germans allowed him to keep a diary and paint water colors during his captivity. Excerpts and some of his illustrations are included in Time-LIfe's KNIGHTS OF THE AIR volume.


Wood, Robert
Services of Supply

Worked on Panama Canal and became Colonel in charge of all French ports used by AEF; later in war, Wood made general and was named acting quartermaster general of Army. Afterwards, hired by Montgomery Ward, then by Sears which he greatly expanded. Led isolationist, America First Movement.


Woodfill, Sam
60th Infantry, 5th Division

Former career enlisted man from Indiana who was renowned as the best marksman in the Army. Woodfill commanded a company in the Meuse Argonne offensive. Awarded the Medal of Honor for single-handedly wiping out five machine gun crews with a rifle, Colt 45 and a shovel. Considered by General Pershing to be the outstanding regular soldier in the AEF. See major article: Sam Woodfill - Marksman & Pershing Favorite


Capt. Jesse Woolridge

Woolridge, Jesse
38th Infantry, 3rd Division

San Francisco banker who commanded the front line company of the US defense on the Marne River in July 1918. Subsequently wrote a tribute to his unit and regimental commander, Col. [later General] McAlexander afterwhich both were referred to as the "The Rock of the Marne".



Alvin York

York, Alvin
82nd Division

The most famous Doughboy of the Great War. Only partly due to the famous film starring Gary Cooper. He really did capture 132 German soldiers and 35 machine-guns in the Argonne Forest and was awarded the Medal of Honor. See the article: Sgt. Alvin York.

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Sources and thanks: Various members of the Great War Society and visitors to our website tipped me off to AEF veterans with interesting stories. Lettie Gavin and her excellent book AMERICAN WOMEN IN WORLD WAR I were indispensible in that area. Various websites contributed material and images including TRENCHES ON THE WEB, THE AERODROME, VMI, THE FIGHTING 69TH and various US ARMY pages. Laurence Stalling's, Mac Coffman's and Frank Friedel's books were very helpful, as were my local library's back issues of CURRENT BIOGRAPHY. Please let me know if I forgot to credit your site. Additional contributions are welcome. MH

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