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Fanciful German depiction of First Ypres

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1839-1914: The Long Fuse
1870-1914: The Austro-Italian Naval Race
1879-1914: The Deadly Alliances
1906-1911: The Pig War
1905-1914: The Dreadnought Race
1905-1914: War Plans
Mar-Jun-1905: The Morocco Crisis
8-Oct-1908: The Daily Telegraph Affair
1908-09: The Bosnian Crisis
1871-1914 - Origins of the Great War
Summer 1914: Summary
28-Jun-1914: Assassination in Sarajevo
Jul-1914: The July Crisis
Aug/Sep-1914: War Erupts in the West
Aug-1914: Mons (WF)
Aug-1914: Tannenberg (EF)
Aug-1914: Togoland (Africa)
Aug-1914: The Pursuit of the Goeben and the Breslau  
Sep-1914: First Aisne (WF)
Sep-1914: Lemberg (EF)
Sep-1914: First Marne (WF)
Oct-Nov-1914: First Ypres (WF)
Nov-1914: Lodz (EF)
Feb-1915: Masuria (EF)
Mar-1915: Neuve-Chapelle (WF)
Mar-Dec-1915: Aubers Ridge & Festubert (WF)
22-Apr-1915: The Second Ypres
23-Apr-1915: Gallipoli/The River Clyde Landing
May-1915: Gorlice-Tarnow (EF)
8-Jun-1915 - The Boston American
Sep-Oct-1915 : Artois & Champagne (WF)
Sep-Oct-1915 : Loos (WF)
Dec-1915 - Apr-1916: Siege of Kut (ME)
Feb-Dec-1916: Verdun (WF)
May-Jun-1916: Trentino Offensive (IF)
31-May-1916: Jutland (Naval)
4-Jun-1916 - The Brusilov Offensive
1-Jul-1916: Tragedy on the Somme
1917 - 1918 - British Trench Warfare
24-Feb-1917: The Sinking of the Laconia
Mar-Sep-1917: The Russian Collapse (EF)
Apr-1917: Arras & Vimy Ridge (WF)
Apr-1917: Nivelle Offensive (WF)
Jun-1917: Messines (WF)
Jul-Nov-1917: Third Ypres (Passchendaele) (WF)
Nov-1917: Cambrai (WF)
Oct-1917: Caporetto (IF)
Mar-1918: Operation 'Michael' (Ludendorff Offensive) (WF)
Apr-1918: Operation 'Georgette' (Ludendorff Offensive) (WF)
Apr-1918: Zeebruggge Raid (WF)
May-Jun-1918: Operation 'Blucher-Yorck' (Ludendorff Offensive) (WF)
Jun-Jul-1918: Piave Offensive (IF)
8-Aug-1918: The 'Black Day' of the German Army (WF)
Sep-Oct-1918: Megiddo (ME)
Sep-1918: St. Mihiel Offensive (WF)
Oct-1918: Battle of Vittorio Veneto (IF)
Sep-Nov-1918: Meuse-Argonne (WF)
11-Nov-1918: Armistice (All)
1914 - 1918 - Casualty Figures

EF=Eastern Fr. IF=Italian/Austrian Fr. ME=Middle East WF=Western Fr.