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Painting of the Krupp Arms Works

No Smoking Area

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Artillery Comparison Table
Skoda siege gun
French 75mm
British 18-pounder
British 60-pounder
German 42cm "Big Bertha"
German 40cm railway gun
French 40cm shell
Unexploded German shell
Diagram of a British field howitzer
Heavy Artillery Comparison Table

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Gas Warfare
Contains additional information
Early gauze gas masks
The cannister gas mask
Aerial view of a cylinder attack
British gas casualties at Bois de l'Abbe
German gas laboratory
Pidgeon gas shelter
Gas masked British machine gunners

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British Vickers machine gun crew
British motorized machine gun battery
German Maxim machine gun crew
German MG 08 Maxim
Heavy Machine Gun Comparison Table
Light Machine Gun Comparison Table

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HMS Dreadnought
German High Seas fleet
HMS Mauretania
Razzle-dazzle patterns
HMS Iron Duke
HMS Barham
K.u.K. Squadron in the Adriatic (painting)
Battle of Jutland (painting)
German battleship Breslau

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Tanks - Page 1
Tank Comparison Table
German A7V with crew
German A7Vs in action
French Schneider
British Hornsby caterpillar
British Mark IV with riders
British Mark IV destroyed

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Tanks - Page 2
Toppled German A7V
German Mark IV (truly)
British Whippet tank
British Mark IV's in transport
German A7V with crew atop
French Renaults
British Gun-Carrier

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Trench Warfare
French document on German trench building
Overhead of the Bullecourt battlefield
Overhead of the Cambrai battlefield
Overhead of the front near Auchy-les-Labassee
ANZACs in underground shelter
Diagram of a dugout
Border Regiment in scrape holes
The Lancashire Fusiliers prepare to go "over the top"
Captured German trench at the Somme.

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Troops - Page 1
French poilu in full gear (illustration)
French front-line specialists (1918)
British Tommy in full gear (1915)
British ration information (1914)
British battle gear
Excerpts from a British soldier's diary
German infantry soldier (1914)
German ration information (1914)
German infantry soldiers (1916)
German infantry unit (1914)
German Uhlans (1914)
German POW (1918)

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Troops - Page 2
Color photo of a French field kitchen
British Women's Auxiliary
Belgian troops (1914)
ANZACs at Gallipoli (1915)
Bulgarian machine-gunners (1915)
Turkish machine-gunners (1917)
German POW types (1918)
"Harlem Hellfighters" (1918)

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Troops - Page 3
Sturmtruppen - Stormtroopers
The sturmtruppen uniform
Weapons cache
Diagram depicting tactics
Moving out at dawn
Position artillery
Leaving the staging trenches
Under allied artillery fire

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U-boats - Page 1
Contains additional information
U 53 sinking merchant vessel (painting)
Seaplanes pursue U-boat (painting)
Diagram of a UC 44 class U-boat
Control room
Submarine command organization, 1917
U-boats at dock
Phases of the U-boat campaign
U-boats on patrol
Telegram regarding submarine warfare
Torpedo hitting merchant ship
Allied/neutral loss chart
British propaganda poster
Anti-submarine warfare
The Lusitania

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U-boats - Page 2
9 photos of U 35 on patrol

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Contains additional information
British newspaper announces first raid
British identification poster
Zeppelin crew with bombs
Zeppelin L 13
Zeppelin Z I
Zeppelins L 10, L 12, and L 13
Zeppelin view of London
Bomb damage
Zeppelin caught by search lights
Zeppelin L 33 wreckage
Eckener, Count von Zeppelin, and Strasser