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American troops near Hattonchatel
by W.J. Aylward

These items have been contributed by various historians, students and other interested parties. If you would like to contribute an item please drop me a line and let me know what you have in mind. I'm always looking for new and interesting material. If you find any of these contributions stimulating and/or helpful in your studies, please be sure and drop the author an e-mail and let them know.

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If you're new here and don't have a lot of time, this might be the best place for you to start.
Harry Andrews and the Legend of Chateau La Roche
A look at a US Great War veteran and the tribute he built to his memories of France.
ANZAC Memories: Historical Notes on the AIF
Background information on the Australian Imperial Force.
ANZAC Memories: The Letters of Francis James Mack
The letters home of a young AIF casualty of the Western Front.
ANZAC Memories: The Service Records of George Drosen
The actual AIF service records of another casualty of the war.
ANZAC Memories: Dig Deep Down for Old Diggers
Thoughts for ANZAC Day.
Assault on the Viribus Unitus
Italian frogmen attack the Austrian dreadnought at Pula.
British Commonwealth Memorial Plaques
A look at the Memorial Plaques issued by the British Government to commemorate the fallen.
Lyrics to Christmas in the Trenches
A contemporary Christmas carol about the 1914 Christmas Truce
Tubby Clayton and the Story of Toc-H
The uplifting story of the man who helped found the famous Everyman's Club.
Thomas Davis: BLACK YANKEE
A black WWI vet remembers on his 105th birthday.
Dirigibles, Airships, Zeppelins and Blimps
The title says it all. A very interesting study.
Thomas A. Edison: Unorthodox Submarine Hunter
Learn about the role Edison played in the fight against U-Boats.
Lieutenant James Reese Europe - Songs Brought Back from the Battlefield
A multimedia presentation of the 369th "Hell Fighters" Jazz Band and its leader.
23-Apr-1915: Gallipoli/The River Clyde Landing
An overview of the bloody amphibious attack on the Gallipoli peninsula.
The Organization of the German Army, 1914-1918
A look at the complex organization of the German Army.
The 1914 German Iron Cross
Backround on the famous German medal.
German Postcards Home
A sampling of postal souvenirs from the front.
German War Poetry
Soldier's poetry (in German).
Floyd Gibbons at Belleau Wood
The famous war correspondent is almost killed covering the US Marine action of 6-Jun-1918.
The Pursuit of the Goeben and the Breslau
The exciting story of the race to safety for two German giants.
The Great War in Numbers
Some statistics on the war.
The Great War Reading List
100 plus books on the Great War. Compiled by The Great War Society.
The Battlefield Art of Mary Riter Hamilton
The woman who endured hardship in order to document the war's aftermath.
Italian War Poetry
Poetry by Giuseppe Ungaretti and Eugenio Montale (translated).
Konigsberg. A German East African Raider.
The Royal Navy spent 10 months and tied up 20 ships hunting this raider down!
The Sinking of the Laconia
Read about the sinking of the Cunard liner by a man who was onboard at the time.
Latin America in World War I
Not everything in the Great War occurred "Over There".
Jack London on the Great War.
The well known author's thoughts on "The war to end all wars."
The Narrow Way Project
You might be able to help this graphic artist with his experimental novel on his father's experience in World War I.
A Survey of New York City World War I Monuments
A photographic tour of New York City's WWI monuments.
The German Pickelhaube, 1914-1916
A page dedicated to the item that has become so closely associated with the Great War.
Rank Insignia of the German Army, 1914-1918
This interesting study examines the various uniform insignia of the period.
Reenacting The Great War
A look at living history in action.
Reenactors Photo Album
More contributed photos of Great War reenactments.
Swavesey and The Great War Part I - Swavesey Will Remember
Swavesey and The Great War Part II - The Beaumont Boys
Swavesey and The Great War Part III - Alfred Large
Swavesey and The Great War Part IV - Harry Howlett
Swavesey and The Great War Part V - George Norman
A look at the men whose names appear on the Swavesey Memorial. It's important that we all remember - these were men were quite real.
Selected bibliography of T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) 
Probably one of the most written about characters of the 20th century, this condensed bibliography highlights the more popular publications concerning T.E. Lawrence.
1-Jul-1916: Tragedy on the Somme
A somber look at the events of 1-Jul-1916.
The German Stahlhelm, M1916
The helmet that replaced the Pickelhaube in the trenches.
The Trenches at Messines
A trench map exhibit with actual maps provided by London's Imperial War Museum.
US Defensive Grenades
A look at a weapon popularized by trench warfare.
Wartime Changes to the German Field Uniform 1914-1916
A study of the German uniform by a long time Great War reenactor.
Western Front Tourist's Guide
A brief tourist's guide by a veteran Western Front tour guide.
Concerning the fate of Charles Oliver Windmiller
A family attempts to learn the unexplained cause of death of a loved one.
Selected sonnets of John Allan Wyeth 
The poetry of an American Civil War Veteran on the Western Front.
22-Apr-1915: The Second Battle of Ypres
This battle saw the advent of gas on the Western Front.